Rookie Sailor+many questions=opportunity

Thank you first of all for providing this service…so far it has been a wealth of information and I am in hopes to discover a lot more. Im leaving the state of Maine and heading to Bayou La Batre for sea school. I will obtain my STCW 95. My next move, finding employment, skyrocketing the ranks and in the scheme of things obtain my 500ton license…My first million dollar question: Who here knows of some notable companies that I can look into and start shoving my resume in their direction? :smiley:

I would just love to see a Maine Boy in Bayou La Batre, AL. What types of vessels are you interested in? I am guessing Offshore Supply Vessels. Maybe check out Edison Chouest Offshore, Hornbeck Offshore HOS, Tidewater, Otto Candies, Abdon Callais, Seacor, Gulf Offshore Logistics GOL. Talk to some guys at Sea School and get some information from them. There are many different routes you can go to get you 500 ton. Tugs may be what you are looking for.

How about a Maine GIRL in Bayou La Batre??? please email me.

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Careful with them “darlin’s” there seadog! You’ll be remanded to “Social Responsibility Class” again!

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Capn Lee is from the part of Florida that’s s’possed to be part of Alabama, that’s why he said he’d [U]love[/U] to see a Maine boy come down.

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Im a NY Yankees baseball fan…not a dammed yankee or a yank. I was raised in the south. I respect everyone. Im just looking for insight and no trouble. Sorry bout the trouble with the Mainers…murder is a disappointment when it happens anywhere.

So if anyone has anymore information concerning where to look and where to go, Im ready to recieve any helpful advice offered.

A Southern gal?!, why bless my soul.

I apologize for jumpin’ at yall like that! (Accompanied by a deep bow at the waist and doffing my hat).

(All prior comments were meant in fun. I just happened to see the movie [U]Gettysburg[/U] a couple of days ago.)

You’ll find that Sea School is mostly what you make of it. Lot’s of movies and long boring lectures. The Firefighting portion is pretty lame compared to others, but if you pay attention, and take it seriously, it covers the basics… [U]BASIC[/U] Safety Training.

When I went there the accommodations were minimal, the food was plenty,good, plain, and simple. Nothing fancy, but it wasn’t bad at all.

The school is in the middle of nowhere, just outside of “Where the hell am I?”

You don’t mention in your initial post what sector of this huge industry you’re interested in. Just getting a job, and seatime of course, is the first priority.
Yachting is a good beginning but mostly you’d be offered a Stew position, no seatime there on most boats. Small (US) cruise ships usually don’t do much better for females on deck. Some do, but most don’t.

My advice for a female starting out, (and my 23 year old daughter is now an AB-unlimited/ Limited Master) is to get your credentials (MMD,TWIC, BST) then go to a deckhand training course (Chesapeake Marine Training Institute, deckhand orientation, 1 week, $600), [U]get ANY job that floats[/U], (i.e. stewardess/galleyhand) and get a little sea going experience.

A year from now you’ll know more about life afloat, and be able to compete with other greenhorns for an entry level deck job. With that kind of background you’ll be head and shoulders above the crowd.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Seadog…much a help. I want to be on a tugboat. I dont care where I go in the US. I already have my MMD/TWIC…and soon my STCW. I can go unlimited because I do also have my passport.

I do care where I wind up. I want to know that Im getting on a good vessel with “somewhat” good ppl. I love a good joke or 3…I dont want deckmates to feel Im going to step all over them just to get to the top either. I think the best qualified shall proceed the fastest and I will do whatever (beside toe stompin) it is to become the best qualified.

I was talking to a maritime consultant, pretty good fella out of Jville FL. He told me about sea school and thinks with my drive and ambitions I’ll be just fine. He asks for big bucks for me to continue with his maritime consulting and I thought that I would have better luck where the information is free (and heckling). :slight_smile:

P.S. you forgot to tip your hat and say g’day Miss in your departing salutation. wink :wink:

Also, because I grew up close to there (Theodore, AL) and started my career at John E. Graham & Sons based out of Bayou La Batre. “AND” also because I am a minority here with many of the officers on my rig from Maine or Massachusetts including both Captains. I have nothing against anyone from anywhere, but it is always fun to joke about different geographic areas. Believe me I get the worst of it being from Lower Alabama.

I would like for you to know that I took my 100 ton Master prep and test at Sea School in Alabama. Capt. Willie was still teaching the class then with the help of a Retired Coast Guard guy named Bud. A guy named Richard Wells worked there also, but he is now with the Coast Guard. Sea School used to be off Rangeline in Theodore.

Good Luck on your journey.

JJ- you should pm Ashley. She’s in Louisiana and I think she has a few maritimecontacts down there. Fairfield Industries in Lafayette is hiring- as well as Gulf Fleet.

Good luck:)

Ashley is your daughter? Any more info about how I can contact her? I have facebook and email is always best. I posted mine if you wish to pass it along. Thanks


Check your PM.

Stay away from headhunters unless you go Yachts.

[quote=Ordinaryseaman;18193]JJ- you should pm Ashley. She’s in Louisiana and I think she has a few maritimecontacts down there. Fairfield Industries in Lafayette is hiring- as well as Gulf Fleet.

Good luck:)[/quote]

I had heard that Fairfield was out of business. Any confirmations?

I have a friend that works there. He said his boat has been laid up in Texas City for a couple of months. Said there was some foreign work coming up.