Louisiana Job hunt trip results

I spend 3 summers offshore on OSV’s in early 80’s. That plus pleasure boating got me a 100 Ton Inland Master in addition to my old Ordinary Seaman rating. Have worked the boat company circuit by internet and in person for months. The Inland rating is really keeping me back. Need 185 more days offshore to upgrade. So have also been trying to get on as OS. Big hurdle was lack of Basic Safety Training. So, last week I bit that bullet and spend 5 days at Sea School in Bayou La Batre. Not a bad deal with the free room and board. Equipment and material could use an upgrade but “that’s all I have to say about that”. The other issue I kept hearing was a new administration is a must to reinvigorate the oil business. AMEN.

So I planned a trip back to Texas from Alabama with stops along the way at all the boat companies. (Think the movie “The Swimmer”). Went to 15 companies in two days heavy searching. Some were in and out visits, no one to talk to so nothing to report.

Hotel note. I know about the Chateau but I didn’t make it there. I did stay at the Cajun Inn in Galliano. A dive looking motel but it was actually very clean and the family managing it is very nice (though not very “Cajun”). I recommend it. Right on the bayou. Nicer looking than the Bayou Inn up the road.

Things of possible use to the group follow:
[B]Hornbeck: [/B] nice people but nothing under 500 ton being hired.
[B]International Marine: [/B] Their office in downtown NOLA is lightly manned, no receptionist, no HR. Their office in Lockport is closed. Sign on door (in Lockport) says new address is 256 Equity, Houma. Also says only apply on line. This, incidentally is one of the few companies that I received a phone call after applying on line.
[B]Bud’s Boat Rental.[/B] Never found the office in Belle Chase. Did not want to go all the way to Venice. Plus, they have the Longest application of everyone. Printed out over 20 pages. Huge joke. Plus not a great rep.
[B]ECO. Edison Chouest[/B]. Nice visit with HR. No hiring till January.
[B]C&G Boats.[/B] Kind of a kiss off. But, probably nicer to people with bigger, offshore ratings. Man I met was nice enough to give me a copy of his phone book page with boat companies in the area highlighted. I appreciated that touch.
[B]Cheremie Marine.[/B] Same kiss-off as C&G.
[B]L&M Botruc.[/B] Got to their office at a little after 3. Guy in Personnel had already locked up but front office found him. He was not to happy to go open up again. They are supposed to stay till 4. Filled out application and he filed it and quickly left. End of story.
[B]GOL Gulf Offshore Logistics[/B]. Second time I have been to their office to fill out an application this year. This time the application said applicant must have STCW-95 BST, HUET, and Rigging. I walked out on this.
[B]Bordelon Marine.[/B] Steven, Director of Operations was very nice. Working on some new builds. But business is slow right now.
[B]Kevin Gros. [/B] She doesn’t hire Ordinary Seamen. AB and up.
[B]Odyssea Marine. [/B]In Larose. They ONLY take aps Monday through Thursday between 1 and 4. I could not make this schedule without wasting a night.
[B]Candy Fleet[/B]. Pretty ratty offices, and more importantly boats look beat up. Applications only accepted between 8 and 12 Monday-Friday.
[B]Laborde. [/B] Office was really busy. A couple guys there already to interview. I stood at desk for 30 minutes before someone gave me an ap and then came back to copy my docs. Never saw someone. But, boats look great and I would like to follow up. Spirit in the office group was positive.
[B]K&K Offshore.[/B] Never found their office at address, but was too tired out by this time in the trip and did not make a call.
[B]Comar Marine[/B] in Amelia. Shipyard. I didn’t go in.
[B]Coastal Crewboats.[/B] I had earlier this year filled out ap in their Texas office. Went by their office in Delcambre but it is just a locked building at their shipyard. Plus, all the boats are tiny, no living aboard.
[B]GRMI Gulf Resource Management Inc. [/B]Nice visit with them. This firm did not show up in any of my searching. A student at Sea School gave me the business card of the HR manager. Very nice visit. They are waiting on a couple of new builds.

My next stops were going to be in Houston, particularly with [B]Gulfmark and Southern States[/B]. I had already applied several times to Southern States by fax and once in person this year. In August they had cut back office staff. Lady I met with said perhaps they would hire after a new administration. Well, my Houston visit was planned for Wednesday, but after the election results I just went home.

Back to the drawing board. I may be able to upgrade my OS to AB. What an adventure.
Best of luck to all of you out there. I’m keeping after it but It’s tough sledding.