Back home after another job hunt

Made my fifth trip down to Louisiana in search of an OS/Deckhand job since deciding almost a year and a half ago on a career change. Thought I would post a travelogue for any others looking in the Gulf.

Stopped by the Job Fair in Biloxi. Corps. of Engineers rep said the only jobs in which they will consider inexperienced mariners are the temporary special projects (i.e.: Miss. river Mat project in Vicksburg, lock and dam repair). Fugro occasionally has marine positions but only had one licensed job at the moment. Omega Protein is still in need of fishermen, experience not necessary- call 1-866-944-0844 for an application and read the Pogey Boat thread here.
Drove to Lafayette

Aries Marine- No openings, accepting applications
Hercules Liftboats- Hiring freeze, wouldn’t take my resume
Kilgore Marine- no openings, no apps
Gulffleet- no openings, accepting apps
Candy Fleet- saw nine boats tied up from the Morgan City Bridge, didn’t bother
Laborde offshore and liftboats- nothing
Fleet Operators- nothing
North Bank Towing- no openings, accepting apps
Comar- no openings, accept apps
Cenac offshore- nothing
K&K Offshore- nothing(Boats tied up in front of office)
J. Ray Mcdermott- no OS jobs, need engineers-all types (use the website to apply!!!)
GOL- ???(Alex was busy), accepting apps
Kevin Gros, nothing
Montco Liftboats- maybe have a position, accepting apps

Abdon Callais- no openings, accepting apps
C&G Boats- nothing
Cheramie Marine- no openings, accepting apps
L&M Botruc- nothing
Odyssea Marine- interviews Mon - Thur. 1 to 3pm, always accepting apps
Kim Susan (Fagan) ??? Personnel manager on vacation

Thursday’s search ended early because the next company I visited, which didn’t have any openings, had me turning my head and coughing within the hour. Yes, that’s right. I got a job!!! Should know in a few days what boat I’m on and when I ship out. Don’t know whether I’ll be on a crewboat or utility/mini supply but either way I am one excited MF!

My observations:

  • Things are still slow there
  • The liftboat market is awful with the lack of new projects
  • It is much harder now to get past receptionists than it was just three months ago. Try to make appointments with the personnel managers prior to showing up.
  • If you’re trying to decide whether to go deck or engineering, the engine room seems to be where it’s at as far as openings.
  • I would have given up a long time ago had I not found the great advice from industry vets here. A big THANKS to all of you!!!
  • Grey-haired, balding, middle-aged, inexperienced, wannabe mariners can get lucky with a little persistence


Well done. Glad to see some success.

Congratulations. And good luck with the job!

Nice job shoot!

You are no longer one of the few, the desperate, the unemployed!!!

smooth sailing

Congrats and Good luck! Let us know how the first hitch goes for you!

hi everyone…after a sudden economical induced release from the vessel I was on for 3 years in the “Big White Boat” business, (private yachts), I decided to take the 14 hour drive from Lauderdale to Houma, LA where I set up base camp and started to hit the OSV companies. I have several friends that have made the transition in the last year and all are very happy with the change. I’ll become a family man in November with an instant family of four and looked to the offshore sector for security, longevity and benefits, and above all, a work schedule where I can actually plan family events in the future. I’m a USCG 200gt with all of the cards and 20 plus years as a Master.

Needless to say, after applying to 5 companies today, Seacor, C&E, Gros Kevin, T&C Marine, Odyssea and Sea Support. All have told me that no one will be hired unless the oil prices approach $60.00 a barrel!! They might start hiring mid-May!? Not looking too good right now in LA. I’m going to make another run tomorrow and hopefully something positive will come out of this. Any and all suggestions are welcome!! Thanks guys!

Congrats!! It’s not easy to find a job nowadays, especially in the maritime sector. But it goes to show that if you try and really look for a job, sooner or later you’ll find one. My father works on a ship so I know that times are tough and jobs are rare.

Good Job Shoot!

Things are tight right now, so I will stick with what I have always said, Network, network, network, and face time, face time, face time. There are so many levels of quality when it comes to mariners. So face time, makes all the difference.


You are no longer one of the few, the desperate, the unemployed!!!

smooth sailing[/quote]

HAH!! That pretty much sums it up right there…

I think it was Capt. Mike that gave me this piece of advice when I was down there…Have patience and bring a sense of humor…boy was he right !!