My La. Job Hunt

Spent last week burning up US 90 and LA 1 (1,601 miles on the truck from Texas and back), knocking on doors, filling out applications (many times for the second time for ea. company), shaking hands, etc. It paid off with a good offer from a solid company June 1. Orientation is Tues; I even had time to come home and do laundry, re-pack, and hang out with the wife and the kids. I am grateful, humbled, and more than anything excited to be getting back onto a boat after five months on the hard.

Here’s what I discovered:

  1. Some companies are happy to talk to walk-ins, some won’t see you if they didn’t call you and ask you to come by.
  2. Some companies with really big, flashy web sites have really small offices.
  3. If you submitted an application electronically (via a website), don’t assume it made it to anyone. A couple of HR people told me: “Oh, we haven’t been getting our web applications for a while now.”
  4. There are some really decent and genuine people in the industry and in South Louisiana.
  5. Persistence pays off.

Here’s what else I found out:

[li]As of Friday, Seacor Marine was looking for 200/500/1600 ton masters and mates with DP. They’re also currently hiring ABs.[/li][li]Iberia Marine Service is hiring deckhands right now, and if you are licensed they’ll put you on a track to the wheelhouse.[/li][li]Abdon Callais and Gulf Logistics both advertise that they are hiring (but, maybe they always do that to keep the pool full?), and GL will see you Mon-Thurs, 8-4 (but not between 12 and 1) if you fill-out a hard copy application.[/li][li]Comar Marine is taking applications in anticipation of hiring “soon.”[/li][/ul]

For me – a guy with only a little experience on an 18-month-old 100-ton ticket – the whole trip was a great learning experience. I had good conversations with people who, though they did not hire me this time around, may remember me next time. And I got their cards.

I did a lot of research online, and have been paying attention to Workboat and PM mags (and of course keeping an eye on this forum and others here at gCaptain – thanks guys) and had a “Top 10” list (someone else’s might be quite different) before I left. I ended up adding three or four to that list just because I saw them driving by or someone said: “You should go check with_________.” There are dozens of companies I didn’t even go see.

Out of all of that, I got four interviews. And one job, which was all I needed.

If anyone has any questions about specific companies down that way that I might have visited, please feel free to PM.

I thought the truck driver guy said it was impossible to get a job in LA?

Yeah he must have some connections to have got that job.

I remember my nav teacher at CMA putting the phone number to the truck driving school in CA on the white board before every test just as a fall back plan. Still makes me laugh to this day.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him. I don’t think he can help him self.

[QUOTE=rshrew;70805]I thought the truck driver guy said it was impossible to get a job in LA?[/QUOTE]

It is with his attitude and personality…

And that people is how it’s done.

There’s no mystery, science, or good `ol boy club need to get a job. Just persistence and willingness to hear “No” a few dozen times. Also a good attitude and firm hand shake helps more then one realizes.

Congratulations, Txh2oman. You did your homework and it paid off.

A lot of posts ask how to do it. But your post is about how you did it. Excellent!

And good job!

Congratulations! Show OICUR12 how to do it.

Great job getting that job. Congratulations to you. Persistence and the right attitude will get you far.

Note to self, get on the road. Thanks for the “how it is done” post! I have been planning my trip for next week, so it’s great to see your good fortune. Congrats on the new job!

Something that seemed to make people happy when I walked in was that I had a.) a copy of whatever application I had already filled-out in-hand, b.) copies of my licenses/certificates, and c.) copies of my resume. I could hand it all to them at one time and they didn’t have to stand in front of the copy machine.

Congrats to you!! Thank you for all of the information! I depart Tampa on Sunday morning bound for Raceland. Thanks for the positive inspiration!

Edit: next Sunday the 10th.

Edit: Next Sunday the 10th.

I was also hired 11 days ago second company I stopped by on the spot. They sent me to do my physical and drug test immediately once I completed that I came right back went through orientation, then at 2 am next morning off to the boat. It wasn’t exactly what I want to do but it’s work and better money than I was making back at home in Florida.

Congratulations on your new job!!!
You made it happen.
Yes, they are still hiring here on Bayou Lafourche, in the GOM.
Had a 500 ton capt. here this week, DP classes without the seatime needed , and did not have GMDSS.
Nicky could have used him had he had the GMDSS.
But, he got on with another company here and is going out to work tonight.
He is very pleased.
After he acquires the DP seatime and GMDSS, he can pursue other goals.
Attitude is so very important in achieving your dreams.
Best wishes to all of you in making it happen.
Remember, if I can be of assistance to you in providing nice affordable lodging, I do give a discounted rate of $60/night to mariners looking for work or going to school at LE Fletcher in Houma, ECO training center, etc
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Congrat’s on the job! Tuesday orientation…pumpkin patch? : )

Miss C, see you in a couple of weeks!

People think we are kidding when we say be packed and ready. You could have sent them 100 emails and never heard a peep but you were in the office when a body was needed and you’re off to a boat.

This is why I also recommend hitting companies in the order of your preference, not simply geographic sense. Seems odd but these job offers aren’t the let me think about it and get back to you type!