Marine Salvage Companies

Does anyone know of any marine salvage companies in the US that use american officers union or non union? Curious if this niche exists in the commercial world outside of navy salvage programs, and if there are companies that would value experienced salvage deck officers.

Resolve is the one that first comes to mind.

Just now, Resolve is cutting the stranded cargo vessel ‘CDRY Blue’ into pieces, in Southern Sardinia/Italy. Their tug ‘Resolve Hercules’ is working on site.

However, the ‘Hercules’ is Gibraltar flagged, and normally stationed at Gibraltar, near the possible accidents in European waters.

AFAIK, the global salvagers/wreck removers generally charter tugs/crane barges and other specialized ships as available.
The big ones have strategically located bases, with the materiel needed, but no ships.

Only Navies/Coast Guards can pay for normally not used ships, in error prone regions.

…and it seems often their two vessels stationed in dutch harbor have openings.

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East coast - Donjon Marine.