Resolve savage ,thedore, alabama

hello every one any heard of resolve salvage anyone worked for them as deckhand technician what was the rates of pay are they a good outfit to work for? any information is welcomed
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If it is the Resolve Pionner, I worked on that vessel many years ago. It was called the Pioneer Service back then. In 1989 in Alaska when it was an Oil Response Vessel for Zapata Gulf in Alaska. It was a ice vessel back then. Good accommodations. But that was 21 years ago. So it is an older vessel.
Not sure how Resolve is to work for. If “El Capitan” still visits this site, he can tell you. I know he used to work for them.

I used to work for them. Pay is average for deckhands, licensed personnel paid average or above based on experience. The benefits were a part of the reason I left…For Wife, 1 child and myself was nearly $1000 month for United healthcare. I don’t know if they have improved in this area or not, but still have friends working for them. Hitches were 28/28, but crew change would move based on vessel needs.

I was on the Pioneer also, and it is an aged vessel which always kept us busy fixing things.

Working for Resolve you never knew what type of work you would do next, kind of nice sometimes.

I wonder if “El Capitan” was one of the guys I worked with while there a couple of years ago???

Any specific questions you have you can PM me, or ask here if you wish.