Master At Chouest offshore

Well I am a master unlimited oceans now I had master OSV and turned in my time as chief mate and was given a master unlimited oceans without testing they took the restriction off when I called . Before they issued my license I called my evaluator to ask how can I take the OSV restriction off he said I held all the necessary endorsements and had enough time to upgrade to master unlimited when I asked about an exam he said I’ve already been tested at the management level testing was not needed has anyone ever done this before ? If I had known this I would’ve applied for master unlimited years ago

Master OSV 10,000 ton

This should prompt an interesting discussion.

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Not all of us. Some obnoxious old farts manage to lift themselves above adversity.


A guy has a restricted trade (oil patch only) and restricted tonnage license (and maybe he has never been more than 200 miles from Fouchon), and all of a sudden the USCG will just give him Master Unlimited with no exam?


What was the tonnage on your Master OSV?

I was under the impression that OSV sea time counted for 0 days towards an unlimited license, I had to have 365 days using my chief limited oceans license, serving as chief, to crossover, CG would not accept any OSV sea time for the crossover, then I also had to test the 5 modules. I think someone screwed up somewhere.

My Master OSV was a 10,000

It’s 9. Modules and my Seatime was as chief mate on a OSV

The minimum tonnage on Master OSV is 1600 GRT and 3000 GT.

The maximum tonnage on Master OSV is 10,000 GRT and 10,000 GT.

Frankly, tonnage is not the issue. The USCG is much much more focused and restrictive on license tonnage than the rest of the world. It’s ridiculously overdone. The U.K. (And the rest of the world) approach to CoC or license tonnage makes much more sense.

The issue is jumping from a license to rum a mud boat down in the bayou from one “port” to a handful of offshore rigs within the limited world view and bayou company culture and mentality, and then making the jump to any ship, anywhere, in any trade. if the USCG is going to allow this, why bother having a licensing system at all.


The Coast Guard doesn’t do the hiring


I hope you’re trolling and if not I hope that evaluator gets his shit together soon. You definitely need to test for CM/M Unlimited…

Master OSV and Master unlimited are basically the same exam

Hey a heads up as long as you been tested at the management level you’re good

I no guys who went from mate of towing to 500 mate without testing I also know guys who went from 200 ton mates to 500 mates without testing and guys would never held a license in this country before and was given a master unlimited do you think that’s right because I don’t

That’s rich. I’ve taken both, they’re absolutely NOT “basically the same exam”.

According to that one (wrong) evaluator.

None of that is right and the switch to the NMC was partly to stop that.


I also know three guys that turned in Seatime as chief mate on OSV and applied for master unlimited and was given Master unlimited without testing I listened to Cavo and did not apply because I was afraid I would get turned down and these guys are moving up and I’m stuck at the bottom so when I renewed I ask to take the restriction off and my evaluator gave me master unlimited without testing If I would have listened to Cavo I would still be at the bottom FUCK THAT

Sorry about the foul language it’s just I get upset about it cause I’ve been emailing Cavo since 2014 on this matter and he said I would have to take a full exam and I didn’t want to do that again