Master At Chouest offshore

Look let’s be honest here I’ll never leave the gulf or chouest I’m 52 yrs old and I’m retiring in 10 years I just wanted the license for show the OSV I work on is 2976 tons and I’m happy as captain here

I know people that did that with the sea time but they tested and did the assessments for CM/M like you’re supposed to. Anyone who was given the license without testing got lucky, apparently there’s a big fuck-up at the NMC instead of a little one.

That’s the requirement. If the evaluators are too stupid to know the rules that’s not his fault.


Can you run a boat ?

Can I have the name or number for this evaluator? Asking for a friend…


When you get the name and number of that evaluator, please pm it to me. Don’t tell anybody else!

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I’m sitting on a 1st motor I need upgraded using my chief OSV time. You can wait in line til I get my unlimited chief stickers in the mail :wink:

I’d better not hold my breath. The way NMC works these days, in 3 months you’ll get a letter saying that you are approved, and then wait 6 months only to have the wrong stickers saying Chief Steam arrive in the mail.


When I passed the test all I get in the mail are the national endorsement stickers. I call NMC and ask where are the STCW stickers I have all the required training what gives. The nice lady says on your app you didn’t specifically ask to be evaluated for the corresponding 2 E/O STCW endorsement. I said I checked the boxes for everything raise in grade, STCW, etc. She stated in the little box below that you have to be specific for everything you want to be evaluated for. I felt myself getting that hot flash of anger all over my body and then I remembered they are a govt agency and politely hung up. I had to reapply with a new app and wait six weeks for the other stickers.

I had a similar thing happen. I cannot talk to NMC myself’ I’m too angry. My license consultant checked the STCW box, but no STCW . The consultant talked the Evaluator into fixing it, but I still have not received the stickers.

This is just one of many problems with NMC. At this point I have $700 in consultant fees and 10 months invested in the current application.

This has been a real eye opener about the level of incompetence, non-performance, and don’t give a damn attitude through out our Government.

They allowed the sea time you accumulated from chief OSV for the 1st upgrade? They wouldn’t give me one day of my OSV sea time, only the days accumulated using my chief limited license,

No I got to test for 1st based on chief limited time just like you. My problem is I can’t use one day of sea time since I’ve had the thing toward the upgrade since I don’t sail as a/e. If ole boy has the plug for an evaluator who’s hooking people up he needs to slip me that contact info.

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It’s not a hook up I called to see if I could talk with my evaluator to get the OSV restriction off that’s all

Well heading back to work with the master unlimited license and a $175 raise and a new boat one of the island boats at ECO

I still need the hook up on that evaluator tho.

I know an old Captain at ECO that started bragging about having a “master unlimited” because his new issue MMC stopped listing a tonnage or vessel restriction (OSV) on the STCW section.

He still had Master OSV 10,000 as a domestic license (and you’re limited by your domestic license) but he insisted he had “master unlimited” anyway.

It’s not a hook up what you want me to say to be honest I can’t even remember the guys name

If you talking bout me I’m not old I’m in my prime and I’ve earned it some people are just mad cause I make more then them

@jdcavo was correct and you got lucky that you got an evaluator that gave you Master Unlimited without making you take the exam. The 1,600 ton master exam is NOT equivalent and you probably didn’t even take anything near as hard as the current 1,600 ton exam.

If you didn’t study for and take the CM/Master exam then you didn’t earn it, you were given it by an idiot evaluator.

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You just mad cause you had to take a full exam if you was in my position and got it without testing I’d be happy for you i’m glad we don’t work together I’d have to be worried about a knife being put in my back