Master OSV

<P>Do’s anyone know if you can take the test for a Master/Mate 500-1600 GT Unrestricted License if applying for a Master OSV License and not have to retest when the time comes to upgrade to the<br>unrestricted license.</P>

Master OSV and Master 500/1600 GRT are different exams (only the Rules module is the same). You have to take the exam for the license you’rre applying for, so if you later apply for Master 500 or 1600 GRT, you will need to test again.<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division (NMC-2)<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br><A href="]</A>

I know AB’s that are about to sit for the OSV test who are under the impression that once they hold the OSV license for a year the OSV restriction is removed. Is this incorrect? They have seen it as a short cut around the required STCW courses and test.

Ahhh, ABs. So cute, so cuddly, so naive.

I am renewing my 1600/3000ITC oceans and upgrading to 3rd unlimited. Can I upgrade to Master OSV at the same time?

1600 mate?

joen1 - if you are renewing for 1600 mate, WHY? if it is for 1600 master, WHY would you even want the Master OSV? Seems to me like you are moving back and not forward.

Yeah that’s what led to my question.

Thanks, I should of been more clear. I have a 1600 Master and currently work on tugs but am looking ahead to the day when I may want to work on the larger supply boats. I’m not sure if I need the OSV endorsement?

Assuming you have your STCW certificate as Master or OICNW, you have all the license you need already. You don’t need the Large OSV endorsement to get started. You can run 90% of the OSVs out there with your existing license. If you can hired on with a company that has the larger boats, you can do the Large OSV program in-house by completing the assessments and doing the required sea time. 90 days I think, but Capt. Lee or Anchorman can be more precise.

With your 1600 Master you can work on about 90% of the OSV in the gulf. If you want the large OSV endorsement then you will have to complete a large OSV program (Time on a large OSV (84 days)and do the assessments)

I imagine a better or another question would be: can getting an OSV endorsement hinder me as far as future renewals, upgrades ect…

It will not hinder you in any way but you cannot get the large OSV endorsement on a tug. You will have to go onboard a large OSV and run as training capt. for at least 3- 28 day hitches. At least that is what I had to do. I am on a large OSV and my paperwork is in at NMC for my 2nd mate unlimited. I have not run into any upgrading problems.

Large OSV will not hinder your upgrades in any way.