Master OSV Upgrade

This is an NMC question for James Cavo or anybody else that may have been through this upgrade route. At present I hold a 100 ton master n/c license and meet
the qualifications for Master OSV according to 46 CFR Part 10.418. After completing the onboard assessments and training for Mate and Master OSV can I test for
Master OSV without first testing for Mate OSV. Any input would be appreciated.

You are upgrading your master license as opposed to starting from scratch. Therefore, you do not have to get you mate license first. If you happen to be lucky enough to serve time on a vessel over 500t you will wind up with a 500t Master/1600t Mate.

You willhave to put in the appropriate number of days on a vessel over 200t at a minimum, to get your AB as well as the required amount of time for your upgrade. You can’t get a higher tonnage license without the AB. You will Also be required to comply with STCW requirements for whatever license you are going for.