Adding Oceans

J.D. CAVO I was wanted to find out with you or anyone can a master unlimited near coastal add OCEANS just by going to school and testing there or do I need to test at the rec. And if I have to test at the REC is the old exams still an option or only new exams will be given?

The deadline to apply for old exams passed on March 24, 2019. There are no courses for Chief Mate/Master Unlimited, you have to take the test at an REC.

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JDCAVO here is a little thing my father is having trouble with his Master less than 2000grt and when he turned in his 180 12hr days the OSV IS 1815 GT and 542 net tons so they used the 542 net tons instead of the GT. The checklist says
50% of the required service is on vessels 1600 GRT or more or a tonnage limitation may apply as noted below. any help would be appreciated.

I can’t get involved with pending applications. His recourse is to either work it out with NMC, or ask for a reconsideration (the first step in the appeal process.

You noted he holds Master Less Than 2,000 GRT. That sounds like he applied for “unlimited” master and didn’t have the required service over 1,600 GRT. If so, raising or removing that is per 46 CFR 11.402(c ).

I’m also confused by your reference to net tons. Do you mean GRT? Make sure you sort this out when pursuing this. Also, you might want to check 46 CFR 10.232(i) and 11.211(h).

[paging tugsailor, please tell us again about your reconsideration experience].

The application has been closed for 6 months
This happened to my father 6 months ago but the OSV was 1815GT and Net Tons 542 the evaluator said he could only use the Net Tons which is 542 but he applied to remove the 2000GRT limitation but accepted a 4000GRT the OSV had no GRT it had GT Nd Net tons the evaluator said he could only use the 542 Net tons and Mexican Flag
Anyway I was curious cause it don’t sound right
Thank you

I expect that since the vessel is less than 3,000 GT they are considering it less than 1,600 GRT.