Large OSV endorsement


<span style="font-family: “Times New Roman”; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal;] </span>I have an application that is currently being evaluated at Kearneysville for a Large OSV endorsement. My current license is unrestricted trade. I have heard of other Mariners that have lost their unrestricted trade status because the wording on their Large OSV endorsement
was written such that their license was only for OSV’s. Is anyone
aware of anything like this? Do I need to be concerned that something
like this could happen to me?


<A href="]<STRONG><font color=#3354aa size=3>mrolnick</font></STRONG></A><font color=#aaaaaa> - If your license is un-restricted now this will be a stand alone license and will not affect you current license. It should read when you get it back MASTER of Offshore Supply Vessels (Either Upon or NC). On your STCW; Master Limited to service on motor propelled OSV’s and you will also have the Master 1600, 3000ITC on the STCW. Lee</font>


Capt Lee,<br><br>Thanks. So will I have 2 separate licenses or is the large OSV a stand alone endorsement?


Yes, you will have two stand alone licenses. I have the Master OSV, 1600 Master unrestricted, Master of Towing and 2nd Mate AGT.


Thanks again. DO you work for ECO?


Lee is the cabin boy on the Laney Chouest.


I started with them in Apr 07. Got my request in to transfer to an AHT. Not too many in BP division so I’m waiting in line. <br><br>I came to Chouest strictly to knock out some schools, didn’t intend to hang around. But they have some of the best boats, good payand good folks. Tough to beat. SO I figure I’ll hang out awhile.


Ask to transfer to the Edison


It’s already in place, just waiting for a spot. I’m told I’m next in line. We’ll see what that means.


Well, if that is true, you should be going over there next week, because two of the captains took office positions.


THanks. I’ll be sure and mention it to my coordinator and Manager. They are the ones that have been telling me I’m next.


Yeah, I work at ECO on the Laney. Anchorman and I are both supposed to be filling in on the Edison so we may see you. Which boat are you on at the moment? My e-mail is<br><br>You must be on the Kobe.<br><br>Good Luck.


C-Legacy for a while. Right now I’m filling in on the Chariot until a spot on the Edison opens up. Hopefully soon!


Oh no!! you were with Pervert Tom!


I made sure I steered clear of the “JACK SHACK”


ask Tom about “Porkchop”


“Anchorman and I are both supposed to be filling in on the Edison”<br><br>Really? That depends on who’s the better politician.


<P align=left>Well I guess I am screwed!</P>


How’s the weather out there? I just drove thru a hell of a squall in Morgan City!


Capt. Lee,<br><br>I spoke w/ Shannon this morning & he tells me that it is only a temporary move for the guys off the Edison. That is why they are getting fill-ins instead of permanent replacements. <br><br>