It's the Climate Changes, stupid

Are you feeling the heat??:

Trolls gonna troll. For some reason, your posting this reminds me of:

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For some reason I though it would remind you of Bill Clinton.

No. It’s winter, dummy!

Not in Canada!! But then you knew that, right??

But your question was,

So I answered honestly.

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So did I.
PS> The OP was not addressed to you Where did you get that idea from??

Who then?

Those members here living in PNW.

Did you say that? No.

Strange that global warming only affects bits of the globe and only in summer.

Careful, you’ll get another thread locked on you.

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This thread has gone south all the way since post #2

You’re on your own with this one. Now, I’m stopping.


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FFS, the previous “discussions” on climate change at least pretended to be substantive discussions of the issue. This thread is just plain stupid.