UN Climate Change Report

Now the “usual suspects” will tell us that it ain’t happening and if it is, it isn’t manmade.
The idiots that made this report don’t know what they are talking about, or they are some lefties that is trying to scare the the world into believing that this actually is happening. (Don’t ask WHY??)
Never mind the people that is dying, loose their houses and livelihood.

Or the ones living in the Arctic that see the permafrost, glaciers and sea ice melting, releasing methane gas into the atmosphere, rising the temperature even faster.
Rising sea level will increasing seafront erosion and seals and polar bears that is dependent on near shore sea ice to cast and hunt may die out in the wild.

The list goes on…

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I blame Norway

Ummmm…@ombugge if you want to win hearts and minds, please stick to facts and leave the hyperbole for another day.

Putting aside feelings and beliefs for the moment, and irrespective of the primary cause, be it manmade or natural, what’s to be done?

Seems to me the only thing that will have an effective result is geo engineering. Seeding the atmosphere to replicate a large scale volcanic event. Without an adequate plan…it’s just noise. You could shut-down carbon emissions to zero and achieve nothing in the short and medium time frames.

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This reply is not based on any comment on this thread so far. It’s just my analogy for the issue.

Some people say, “Well, we screwed up the atmosphere and now it’s getting hotter. Nothing we can do.”

To me, that’s the same as a doctor breaking the news to a sick guy, “You have stage-one lung cancer”, and the sick guy replying, “So, it’s okay to keep smoking a pack a day, since I’m cooked anyway.”

If you think the smoker is right, then you probably agree there is nothing to do about ACC. If you think the smoker should quit, you might think otherwise.

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Probably the best analogy I have read anywhere

That’s a nice analogy, but it breaks down when you consider that we’re not just one guy. Here’s a fun factoid I figured out last night:

Last year, China built 36.6 Gw of coal fired powerplants. Norway’s total installed power sits at 36.8 Gw.

The EU has made it illegal for me to repair old marine diesels, and somehow wants us to believe that this along with similar measures paves the road to a greener future :face_vomiting:

Meanwhile, far more pressing environmental issues, such as rampant deforestation and deposition of persistent toxins in sensitive areas, are getting ignored because polar bear cubs are just so goddamn cute.

It’s not that I don’t think the problem is real. It’s just that the greenies are a bunch of buzzword-mouthed posers lost in the masturbatory imposition of ineffectual but highly disruptive measures. The root cause is overpopulation along with the enormous inertia of people wanting to improve their standard of living, and there is understandably zero political will to take meaningful measures against that.

This cancer is going to take us down, and there is not a damn thing I or anyone in my sphere of influence can do to stop or even measurably postpone it. The solution lies not in trying to fight it, but in preparing for the afterlife, so to speak.


s[quote=“Klaveness, post:9, topic:60294”]
This cancer is going to take us down, and there is not a damn thing I or anyone in my sphere of influence can do to stop or even measurably postpone it. The solution lies not in trying to fight it, but in preparing for the afterlife, so to speak.

An article by Centre for American Progress from 2017 may be enlightening on the Chinese power supply situation:

China is the leading developer of renewable energy in the world:

No I’m not a paid Chinese propagandist. I just facts and all sides of an issue to be presented.

This report is the result of the politicians getting together to produce a document they can all live with. With the majority and the zeitgeist pandering for ever increasing alarm, that’s what the result is.

This report proves that all their climate change policies have failed.

The IPCC is smart enough not to publish the actual science until this political alarmism has soaked in and become the IPCC’s established truth. The science will be far more circumspect. It won’t back up the panic. We’ve already been told that even the most alarmist alarmists have conceded that none of their alarmist models actually works. They have always grossly overestimated the effect of CO2 (colour me surprised) and the forecast temperatures are always greater than the actual science observes and now they accept that they had better calm it down a bit before they are ridiculed out of the in crowd and ‘the science’ is totally distrusted by all and sundry.

If you believe this report you need your head read. Its prognostications of doom were forecast by every sensible commentator months, nay, years ago. It’s boilerplate stuff. It HAS to produce ever more alarming language of doom being closer than we ever thought or else it’s out of a job. The gravy train stops. They are terrified the world is actually cooling.

Did you know, by the way, that the earth’s temperature is now the SAME as it was at the last assessment report? Was that in the report? No change for 6 years?

If the world is warming catastrophically it had better hurry up and get on with it. The next report needs to be even more alarming despite there being no more superlatives in the dictionary.

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What took you so loooong???

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I’m on holidays escaping from the freezing winter at home. Drinks with friends takes priority. Did you know this is going to be a cold year, not warmer, as you might expect from UN reports? You are probably in your winter woolies already.

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No. Heatwave, dry and danger of forest fire. Ban on open fire anywhere in nature.

But the days are getting shorter. Only 16.5 hrs. from sunrise to sunset today.
Not looking forward to the long dark nights and short days, although the winters here in NW Norway are warmer and shorter now

Even Longyearbyen,(at 78N) has +9C right now.

PS> They still have Midnight Sun for another couple of weeks.

Gah, this is turning into the same fruitless “debate” that we’ve had several times already, and I played my part by regurgitating past arguments.

Is anyone else actually reading the damn thing, or at least the “executive summary for policy makers”? I have a sneaky suspicion that some of us are basing their commentary on the flood of political mouthwash in the media these days…

It’s a monster of a report, and I’ve barely gotten stuck into part 1. So far it seems severely characterized by recto-cranial insertion (we’re gonna fight this and also fight poverty and inequality at the same time because why the fuck not), but it’s still shaping up to be one of the most thorough examinations of the subject, and even somewhat easily digestible if you can stomach the political flair.

When the AMOC reduces to a crawl, or stops, the naysayers may see the light, but it will be far too late.

May be already…. its slowed enough for a measureable increase in tides in the mid-Atlantic states.

So are naysayers the ones who say climate changes naturally and oceanic currents do whatever they want? I’d love to see the connection proving humans cause (or even possibly can cause) changes in ocean currents. Possibly the same connection whereby humans cause volcanoes. I’d love to see even some theory in how it would be possible for humans to change ocean currents if we wanted to.

But sooooo many things go bad when we make the climate change.


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Not me. An engineer (once upon a time they were practical people) told me the simple truth as he saw it.

He said, noting the billions of years this earth has been evolving, “If catastrophic global warming was going to happen, it would have happened by now.” That’s all you need to know about the science. It’s the politics that the report is pushing.

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