Climate Change

related to the fact that the world has never stopped changing…

It’s the rate of change that matters.

A car can change speed from 60 mph to 0 mph by gradually applying the brakes or by hitting a concrete wall, the change is the same, it’s that rate of change that differs.


I know this is not a popular topic on the forum, but it needs to be faced, sooner rather than later:

This is probably even less popular, but a reminder that it is a problem to take serious:

It should be a wakeup call when it is warmer in the Arctic that in Paris:

Or Banak in Finnmark is warmer than Accra, West Africa.

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RE Floods in Bangladesh: Bangladesh has a humid, warm climate influenced by monsoon circulations and frequently experiences heavy precipitation and tropical cyclones. Bangladesh is a very wet country, receiving on average about 2,200 millimeters (about 87 inches) of rainfall per year. Attributing flooding to climate change is speculative.

Yes, the European Arctic region was abnormally warm recently, however, other sections of the Arctic where abnormally cool at the same time.

The dry weather in East Africa may be related to a “Marine Cold Wave” that persists over the western Arabian Sea.

Did we save the world by shutting down masses of industry, planes, cars etc during covid.
So a 2 year test and the data says what?


Yes it is and floods happens every SW Monsoon season Sometimes floods are caused by cyclones. They hit between Monsoons. and are becoming stronger and more frequent.

It is also a river delta, with glacier melting from global warming adding to the floods.

That is weather local/regional and happen NOW. Climate is long term trends, as you well know.
Local/regional Climate change happens over decades.
Average temperatur in the Arctic as a whole has changed three times as fast and the global average in the last decades:

Global warming, or cooling, happens over centuries and is GLOBAL, not regional.
(Or local climate, or the weather yesterday, where you are, as some deniers seems to think)

The key word is “MAY BE”. The "“Marine Cold Wave” that persists over the western Arabian Sea MAY be caused by Global Warming.

Yes I know; “Never argue with an expert”, but sometime experts can be wrong too. (Or have an agenda?)

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the world has frozen and thawed and has had huge weather changes due to meteors and volcanoes
whats new?
When did the warranty run out that says when we bought it it was meant to be static?
A couple of years back the Mediterranean sea didnt exist and africans walked to australia via india

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I’m no expert, but aren’t we still coming out of the last ice age? Shouldn’t we be expecting warming?

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2 years is “a blink of the eye” in terms of climate change. Such events usually take centuries, if not millennials. That is as meaningful as that broken termometer somewhere in the Oz outback that hasn’t shown any change in decades.

Yes, but not quite as fast as what is happening, at least according to the experts.

Yes, but who are these “experts”?
Some superfluous Egyptologists or Psychologists,not finding a real remunerated job inside their knowledge… beyond the publicly financed university circles?

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No, those are the deniers. Here is a list of the experts:

All with real names, not hiding behind pseudonyms. You can google them.

anyone that doesnt work for their government?


With that logic, we havnt measured a sudden spike in temp as it may or may not have changed over several centuries so the thermometer in Australia ( where the public can get to see unhomoginised data) agrees with that as its only been reading for 80 years or so and in that small time span recorded no average change.

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yes sure.

You mean Governments should be run by “know nothing imbeciles”.
I though your home country just got rid of theirs??

There are records from ice core samples and others that shows how things have changes over the last few centuries, or millennium.

Temperature Measurements and climate records goes back to the 1840s in places in Arctic Norway:

One of the founders of modern weather forecasting was a Norwegian “expert”:

I believe in Science “experts” about the past and prediction about the future.
I thrust my eyes and ears about what is happening around us every day, here close to the Arctic Circle.

You can believe in broken thermometers and imbeciles, if you so want.

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When the Norsemen settled in Greenland around 1000 CE it was quite a bit warmer than in the last centuries.
The cooler climate MAY have been a reason that they disappeared without a trace?
One of the great mysteries of the Arctic, still to this day:

A lesson there for modern day climate change?? (No, I don’t mean; eat more seal and whale meat)


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Until the 20th Century we had been seeing a slow cooling trend and we may have been heading towards the the next glaciation.

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so if you dont work the government your an imbecile, I just checked your CV, you might be right.

Nothing broken about that particular thermometer in Australia except it didnt agree with the governments idea from their experts so they asked the scientists to destroy the records.
Luckily the data made it into public hands.

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Exxon has paid for it’s own climate research.