Sydney’s coldest day for 25 years expected

Couldnt get decent odds betting on this as the climate models predicted it…lol

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the climate has always changed whats new now?
Many changes are localised so good places to get data to suit your argument either way.
Not to mention the Suns climate that effects us more than anything…
The Wuhan Wog has caused a massive drop in Co2 emissions, hows the data looking that would show mans Co2 is causing a possible rise in temp?

What do we do in 2030 having met or bested carbon zero and the temp is still going up?


What’s new is that the global temperature has increased thousands of times faster than at any time in the past.

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Once we reach a certain amount of CO2 in the atmosphere we could completely cease all output and we’d still be fucked because of what we already put in the atmosphere.

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Carbon levels have varied throughout history. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth during the highest CO2 levels in Life’s history.
What really matters is the level of H2O in the atmosphere. When large areas of the globe are in desertification mode, water levels in the atmosphere increase the greenhouse effect.
To cool the planet and to capture excess carbon, the best solution is to grow Life, and such requires a complete 180 degree change away from current extractive agricultural methods and reductionist scientific thinking.

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A couple of freezing Aussies:

Illegal immigrants??


Do graphs make it easier for you to calm down?

your forgetting there has been more carbon in the atmosphere before and the planet and animals boomed, no desserts.

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Carbon isn’t the sole driver of global temperature. Some of the times in the past when there was more carbon there was less solar radiation so it balanced out

yes agreed there is lots of inputs, govs cant tax the sun so its Co2 that we all emit as somebody decided thats the cause of the consensus that the temp is going up.
Here’s some actual data from an actual thermometer in a hot part of Australia

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The inputs are fairly well known and can be measured. Atmospheric CO2 concentration is the only seriously significant change. IIRC, Solar radiation is actually lower now than it was a short time ago.

I think the best info comes from farmers and and what changes in crops there are.
Worldwide it seems they just move as some areas get warmer and some get cooler.
Ask a Commodities trader, they bet the house the house on this and only look for real data from thermometers not somebodies model

yes but as we clean up the atmosphere more sunlight reaches the ground

Temperature readings from a single place on earth don’t prove or disprove global temperature change.

no but its real data
The climate has changed in Australia in several decades, more rain up north, less down south.

And the fact that global average temperature has increased is real data, it’s just not from only one location.

how come they never talk about the equipment that has been running for all those years recording it its all models from spurious sources.
Like I said I know a commodities broker and they search for real data, very rarely does this internet climate change stuff end up with data you can verify.
I dont think a Mercury thermometer changes over time or fails over time so where are all the old ones?
I posted data from one, can you find another?

The data that said oceans are getting more acidic came from one oyster farmer near seattle that lost shell mass one year…no research on that at all
Thats what a researcher for a commodities broker found out.

I am all for reducing pollution but I think automation is a bigger threat to the population and the planet will need less people moving forward.
Cant stop the rise of the machines, once we did the wheel it all started.

Models predict future warming and other climate trends. The actual global average temperature is a global average of thermometer readings.

try to find those thermometers…just saying, where did the data come from?