Greta Thunberg's preach at WEF 2021

I know, I know, she is only a child with Aspergers. What can she possibly know about climate, or anything else?
Well apparently she have something to say and she gets invited to big forum, like UN General Assembly and the World Economic Form to say her piece:

She appears to be able to stand up to world leaders.
Maybe time to invite her to this forum to see if she can stand up to grumpy old Mariners? (That would be quite a test of her abilities to handle BS)


Thanks for the link ombugge. I’ll recommend to the Chief Mate to add it to his environmental/safety meeting for when crewmembers are caught breaking MARPOL/QHSE environmental policies.


Ah yes. A creation of the news media with One Foundation handlers - which is backed by Bill Gates, George Soros, etc - that stands up to world leaders…

Ignoring that no world leader is going to clap back at some teenage twerp with Aspergers on the worlds stage lest they face the wrath of the woke crowd.

It’s easy to handle BS when your can’t determine social cues and sarcasm.

It’s also a hail mary attempt to keep her relevant.

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Now corrected

Her address from the “carbon and emission free” dwelling where she delivered her address compared quite well with a Papua New Guinea hut in the highlands.

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I’ve always found that coming out of the gate hot and blaming other people for your problems is surely the way to get them to see your point of view and offer to change, because it’s the right and just thing to do…


AHH that didn’t take long. OK not a grumpy old Mariner but a Retired Ships Agent.
And Greta hasn’t even been invited here yet.

I was over the internet horizon during most of the Greta hoopla, but my recollection is that she sailed a small boat across the Atlantic twice? If so, regardless of her alarmist enviro-politics, my hat is off to her!


I think the first one didn’t have a head on it either. I’m with you. I’ve always admired batshit crazy too.

She only preaches. Never discusses or answers questions of substance.
She is a pampered performance artist.


She is the perfect politician !


She has a simple message: ‘Don’t listen to me. Listen to the scientists’


Greta: “Don’t listen to me, listen to the scientists, but only the scientists I tell you to listen to.”


The entire matter reminds me of the correlation between cigarette smoking and cancer which occurred years ago. Scientists, paid by the tobacco industry testified that cigarette smoking did not cause lung cancer, there were even doctors that gave testimony before congress to that effect. There was a great uproar over restricting sales of cigarettes or posting warnings they were bad for you, it was down right un-American. Now we have a little girl who says listen to the scientists and look at the evidence and she is ostracized as some kind of nut. I guess demonizing a little girl is easier than discussing facts. Greta’s enemies need to light up a cigarette, chill out and broaden their knowledge.


Greta is still a performance artist with no scientific background. She could also broaden her horizons.
She is not a little girl, even if she is only 4’11". She and her handlers are counting on us to be nice to the girl.
Whatever side I’m on, I don’t like that manipulation game.


Please attribute that quote. You joined the forum 3 hours ago.

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LOL. Thought it was obvious that I was paraphrasing the very sentence I replied to.

Troll. We can smell BS people 10000 NM away.

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Sorry to disappoint. I’m a years long subscriber to gCaptain and worked in the Maritime communications industry for 23 years.