COP 27 is on

I don’t know if you have noticed, it is that time of the year again.
No, not the midterm election in the US but world leaders are meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for GOP 27:

Everybody that know nothing about it is pitching in with doomsday predictions and sweet promises that they know they have no way (or will) to act on when they go home with a fresh suntan:

Others that cannot be thrusted present fake “historical facts”:

Everybody know that they even faked the “moon landing” (Never happened)

The earth isn’t warming, everybody knows that. Remember the cold winter last year?
And somewhere in the Oz outback there is a place (that nobody have heard of) where the temperature has never changed in a century.

If the earth IS warming it is natural and mankind has nothing to do with it, so why should we suffer to stop something that we have no way of influencing and cannot be blamed for?

Besides, it is China that pollutes the most No, don’t give me any BS about thing like; “their population is much bigger but their GHG emission per capita is less than half that of each American, or European”:

And they are building new coal fired power plants right now. They don’t care, why should we??
Never mind that they are shutting down old polluting plants at higher rate than they build new coal fired plants. (with better technology and less polluting than the old.
They are also spending more on renewable energy development that any other countries, or regions:

Now let the music about; “you are Anti-American / Pro-China” begin.
And don’t bring up any more FACTS!!!

I am reading this on battery power so as to save mains electricity.
So cool to be green.

I used to love watching COPS when I was younger but I quit watching TV & FOX took it off the air. I hear FOX brought it back but I’m out of the habit & I’m not going to pay a subscription fee anyways. Thanks for bringing this up @ombugge , good stuff.

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COP27: Can shipping be more environmentally friendly? – DW – 11/08/2022

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The sweet , huge piece of pie , training institutions have been dreaming about for years is about to be served.

Up to 800,000 seafarers will require additional training to meet decarbonisation goals - Splash247

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Seamen must spend more time and money on continual training than airline pilots

Perhaps we should defund the COP?



Makes sense to me. No reason to discuss rising sea levels since you can’t do anything about them anyway. :sweat_smile:
Most folks don’t even know what COPS is…

This is why I run my car on safe, renewable and environmentally conscious whale oil.

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I’d say your statement is probably not fully true. Airline pilots probably spend much more time in recurrent training than mariners. Most go to simulator sessions every 6 months. So airline pilots likely spend more TIME.

HOWEVER, airline pilots are PAID for this training at a rate normal to their regular employment, so it’s just another day of work. I’ve yet to meet a mariner that was getting paid his day rate to attend a class–and many outside of unions have to pay their own tuition.

Sim session is over in a few hours for a current pilot.

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatza going to do. Whatza going to do when they come for you??

We get paid a ‘training’ day if we go on a course (plus travel expenses) which is the same as a normal day but without a paid rest day after.
We even get training pay for doing online courses at home, if we do more than about 4 hours.

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thats cool but over a 5 year period how much compulsory training as in days?

Depends, some of the stuff is an annual repeat, some of it a once off.
The idiot system keeps emailing me to tell me that I haven’t completed my basic and level 1 and 2 food hygiene courses.
That will come in handy when I am instructing the Bridge watchman on the exact way I want my tea made.

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(255) ‘The Future is Built By Us’: COP27 and G20 Coverage - In The Tank Podcast #372 - YouTube


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@fredwx is right. These conferences should be defunded. They’re a waste of taxpayer money but it won’t happen because the participants are having too much fun gallivanting around in their fossil fuel guzzling Gulfstreams. Expect to hear soon from the returning hypocrites making a quick stop back home just long enough to lecture the masses on their excessive carbon footprints. Climate justice is on the march.

From an article by Gwynne Dyer, a Canadian journalist:

“As after every climate summit, the air is filled with shouts of rage and despair.”

Not to mention the sweet lingering smell of wasted jet fuel.

“After the inevitable all-night negotiations (two all-nighters, in fact), they managed to agree on a new fund that will recompense poor countries that suffer ‘loss and damage’ from extreme climate events. The money will come from the developed countries whose historic and current emissions are the reason for the damage.”

Except China of course which is still classified as a developing country.

Pakistan already has their hand out.

“‘Loss and damage’ is not charity; it’s climate justice,” said Pakistan’s climate envoy Nabeel Munir…"

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Nobody can do it better then HEARTLAND crew

Who is “we”? You are probably a very small group of mariners that get paid for training. Most are lucky to have their employer or union pay for the class, but few get their salary for time spent training.

Again, why do airline pilots have it so good in the USA but unlimited licensed mariners get shit on?

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