I just got done reading (as much as I could stomach) the write ups on Greenpeace in the Arctic. While I am all about not polluting our waters I have never been a fan of these clowns. It was interesting that they mentioned saving the whales in the Antarctic. I thought that was Sea Shepard’s Job. I guess there in not enough photo opportunities to go around so they had to share.

I remember back in the Mid 70’s to the early 80’s Greenpeace shackled them selves to one of the anchors on one of The Dragon Lady’s Poison Disposal Tankers in N.Y. Harbor. Lucky for them that windlass did not work at the time otherwise I have no doubt that they would have dropped that anchor. The winch was fixed the following week.

Back in the 90’s I was living in Norfolk, VA and had just got home from a long 7 week tour and was not in a very good mood when my door bell when off at around 10 am. I open the door looking my finest, Long hair uncombed and my beard would have made the guys on Duck Dynasty proud. So, what do I find? a nice clean cut kid who was holding papers that said Greenpeace on them. He starts to go into the fund raising speech when I stepped outside and told him to stop and that he had picked the wrong door to knock on. I must have had the kid there for about 10-15 minutes when my girl friend came out to see what the hell was going on. My GF actually got the kid to come inside for a cup of coffee so he could calm down. Once he realized that I was not going to kill him we had a nice talk. I told him of my feeling on his employer and the tactics that they used. I almost had to laugh when this kid said that this was his first day and my door was the first one that he knocked on. I almost felt sorry for him and have often wondered if he stayed with them.

So, does anyone else have any Greenpeace of for that matter and Eco-Terrorist stories?

Not personally, but heard that during the BP oil spill a work boat got boarded by greenpeace and got a new paint job courtesy of them. Wish it would’ve been my boat. They would’ve received a shower with that awesone water flowing down the mighty Bayou Lafourche via firehose.

Messing with the Japanese is one thing. Messing with Russians is something else entirely. In the drag race to stupid, Greenpaece just put a car length between themselves and Sea Shepard.

Unfortunately, I see a similar desire between both groups to get a member killed for PR.

The irony of it all is Greenpeace is burning lots of oil to protest against oil. Go figure?

I had that very same discussion with a Greenpeace " chief eng" during a fire fighting course once. It got very heated when I pointed out the irony.

Even more so when you consider that the Navy is moving to algae based biofuel.