Climate Change and Global Warming

Is climate change the same as global warming??

No it is NOT, but the present global warming is caused by a change of climate that is so rapid that it is unprecedented in climate records going back millennials… obtained by taking ice samples from glaciers, among others…

It is recognized by a large majority of scientist as being caused in part by human activity since the industrial revolution, although some may be because of normal climate cycles.

Some people want to dispute this, based on beliefs and statement by other likeminded people with some sort of science background, real or imagined.

While this is being debated left, right and centre, real people is suffering from the affects of global warming all over the world, from the Arctic to Equator and many places between:

PS> More than 450 people have died from the heat just in B.C.:

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Not that this isn’t a worthwhile topic; but given how it quickly spirals into the bickering of just a few folks…it is best we leave it alone for awhile.

I agree with KPChief.