Heavy lift transport

The 2001 built 60361 t DWT INNOVATION WAY passing the Southern Islands in the Singapore Strait in the westbound TSS heading for Chittagong – Bangladesh
Photo: Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)
PS> No she is not gone for scrapping:
INNOVATION WAY (IMO 9221205, Heavy Load Carrier) - Ship Details and Current Position | Vessel Tracking

Converted to HLV in 2017:



The newbuilt HLV XIN YAO HUA passing the Singapore Strait enroute Qatar
Photos: Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

On March 6th 1640 LT, at Ras Laffan anchorage in Qatar, MV XIN YAO HUA floated off Milaha Floating Dock SPP2 and successfully completed her maiden voyage.

Officially delivered in Guangzhou on January 19th, 2022, MV XIN YAO HUA sailed for her maiden voyage, for a floating dock transportation project from South Korea to Qatar. The floating dock has a total length of 230 meters, a width of 45 meters, and an irregular structural bulge of 1.5 meters on each side. In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the maiden voyage, experienced port captains from CSSC also embarked onboard to guide and coordinate the operation detail with all parties concerned. With the guidance and support from shore side, all crew worked together rigorously and meticulously to ensure a safe and successful maiden voyage.

Boka Vanguard loaded the hull of FPSO Johan Castberg in Singapore in Febr.:

Now she has arrived in Norway, where the hull will be discharged and the outfitting will be carried out at Aker Stord:

Before being towed to the John Castberg Field in the Barents Sea:

Boskalis’ WHITE MARLIN loaded the VALARIS 107 in Dampier (Australia)
Photo: PHI helicopter pilot Shane Costa. (Via LinkedIn)

Newbuild m.v. BROUWERSGRACHT was launched from dry dock last Friday 8 April at Mawei shipyard in Fuzhou China. At the same time sister vessel m.v. BLOEMGRACHT was floated. M.v. BROUWERSGRACHT has been moved to the outfitting quay where the production will continue towards trials and delivery later this year. M.v. BLOEMGRACHT will remain on the dry dock with production continuing towards launching. These two state-of-the-art DP2 B-type vessels combine the intake of a multi-purpose vessel with a DP2, station-keeping ability of up to Bft 6, making them ideal for supplying large volumes and heavy cargo directly offshore. To obtain the fast, safe and efficient loading and discharge of pipes, both on and offshore, the vessel has a removable, automated, pipe-handling gantry crane installed.
The vessels are equipped with two Huisman 500 mt Heavy Lift Mast cranes, making them suitable for both heavy lift transportation and offshore installation. To fit in with Spliethoff’s continuous drive for greener operations, the vessels’ design is fuel-efficient and the propulsion and power generation systems are equipped with scrubbers and SCR systems. With 12,500 mt deadweight, an open top notation, two tween deck levels and 5,900 m2 of total deck space, the intake of the B-Type is significantly higher than existing offshore supply vessels.

Amasus Heavy lifter DEO VOLENTE moored at Rotterdam Eemhaven ready for departure Photos: Arie Boer (c)

Looking at the type of cargo it is a fair bet she is bound for Norway


The unit, with a length of 88,4 mtr and width of 29 mtr and height of 13 mtr and weight of 1908 MT was built by SIEMENS in Batam and arrived onboard the 109.8 mtr long barge LANPAN CB7 from Batam (Indonesia) to Singapore:

The deck of the BIGROLL BERING was prepared as seen below, ready to receive the 1908 MT unit:

It was driven over to the BIGROLL BERING, using 2 x 54 Axle lines SPMT + 2 x 56 Axle lines SPE:

And set down on the prepared cribbings on the Bigroll Bering;

After loading of the Cooling tower substation the seafastening started

Upon completion of seafastening and ballasting as required for sea passage the vessel departed from Singapore heading for Kitmat, Canada, with ETS 06. June.
Photos: E.Knisp (c)
Source: Maasmond Newsclippings today.

PS> Bigroll Bering has been upgraded to DP 2 Class: