New Offshore Wind Installation vessel design

Offshoretronic has presented what they term a revolutionary new design for an Offshore Wind Installation Vessel:

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Wonder when they will convert a drill ship to something like this?

If only all the drill ship companies were not tight on cash and going bankrupt.

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New Wind Farm Construction Vessel for Taiwan operations will have Huisman crane:,the%20Taiwanese%20offshore%20wind%20market.

Still waiting patiently!

While drillships of this type goes to scrapping.

A new transport and installation vessel to enter service soon:

Do ships have legs?
Well yes, now they do. Some even have six legs:

OK not new, but the oldest of it’s type.

See her in a fly-around video:

AT/B Offshore’s patent pending system incorporates an AT/B notch into the turbine foundation, which is then able to accomodate a wide variety of vessels.

Ulstein to design a Zero emission Installation vessel:

OHT has inked contract for a new wind turbine installation vessel, with option for one more:

Huisman to supply LEC for a new Installation Vessel under construction at Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard for OIM Wind:

This applies to the worldwide market:
“The time to order offshore installation vessels is now” | Project Cargo Journal.

ABS to class first US registered Offshore Wind Installation vessel:

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DSME to build Eneti wind turbine installation vessel:

PS> Same design as the WTIV under construction at Keppel Amsfels.

The meet the requirement to install the new bigger, heavier and more powerful wind turbine new WTIV are required;