New Offshore Wind Project Planned for California

right in your backyard John…time to gear up with vessels to serve this project. Let’s get going!

but how do we ensure the jobs to install this field go to only Americans?

Installation of floating windmills are basically by AHTs.

Are there any deep sheltered bay(s) in the vicinity where the base can be upended and the tower, turbines and blades can be installed by a crane barge before towout?
(Installation in the field may be difficult in long Pacific swells w/two floating units moving independently)

Cable laying in deep water require fairly sophisticated vessels, as does “Walk-to-Work” service vessels for maintenance later.

We have plenty AHSs available in its GOM

CA has plenty fishing vessels that can provide walk to work service. If not some of the stacked crew boats in the GOM could stand in until some tier 4 vessels could be built.

I’m sure we don’t need much help.

Only problem i’m seeing is money

all I know is that the partner to the German company is here in the NW so I’d better get my go to a business meeting suit pressed and my shoes shined. I’ve got a pitch to make to these guys

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The North Sea went down that route in the early days with disastrous results on occasions. After the Piper Alpha fire the Cullen report effectively banned them. Walk to work means an Amplemann equipped vessel, not a widow maker and a rope to swing on.

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Maybe you should have a look at this thread to get an idea what is entailed in the development of offshore wind farms: Offshore Wind Farms

As for FLOATING windmills there are only one commercial operation so far, the Hywind Wind farm off Scotland. The wind mills were assembled in a deep fjord in Norway by one of the world’s biggest SSCV the Saipem 7000 and towed to the site in upright position. Here is an article and video of the process FYI:

It has been in operation since last Oct. and has proven more efficient than originally anticipated:

Walk-to-Work Offshore Wind Farm Service Operation Vessels (SOV) are not any old fishing boat, crew boat or even OSV. Here is one that is purpose built for the task:

PS> Long Pacific swells cause very different problems from short 3 m. significant wave height in the North Sea,

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I’m not sure what a widow maker is.

Amplemann’s haven’t been around all that long other options do exists

I have a fair idea what’'s involved and i’m sure we can build some Jones Act vessels that will do a dam fine job and for the heavy lift stuff the Dutch have it covered.

Are you talking about a floatel with a gangway?

No. Newer SOVs are very different from Floatels and serve a very special role.
If you have the bandwidth, open the link in my last post re: Acta Auriga.

It doesn’t harm to update your knowledge.
Yes you can “build some Jones Act vessels” when the market is large enough.
But who do you see that is willing to invest in the type of specialized vessel needed before there is a large market?

I don’t say you need to build anything like the S-7000 to install wind mills, even floating ones, but it takes more than a GoM liftboat to get the reach required to install the latest generation of bottom supported windmills.

Here is one of the latest additions to the fleet of vessels that has been brought into the market to set the jackets, the ex HLV Finesse, now Bokalift 1:

Thereafter another type of vessel is needed to set the transition pieces, towers, turbines and blades:

No need to reinvent the wheel as suitable designs and equipment can be had from abroad.
Here is a new design from Wartsila/Aker Solutions:

PS> This last one also explains the installation process

What does SOV stand for and what does it do other than house people onboard?

Do you ever read the posts and links before commenting??

So it’s a subsea construction flotel…

Would the acronym for that be SSCF???

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?

I like it something like the rampo in Mexico back in the day.

I believe this is taken on the Drill tender “Tioman T-6” working for Petronas off Terengganu, West Malaysia:

Looks familiar:

I have had a lot of “interesting” experiences on different Drill tenders in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand, but I would usually be there for rig moves and lifting operations, which would not be during the peak of the NE Monsoon.

A Cable layer CS Creator is offered for sale:
Suitable for cable laying work for wind farms in shallow water.