New Offshore Wind vessel on order

Østensjø Rederi has ordered four commissioning service operation vessels (CSOV) to meet increasing demand in the offshore wind market in NW Europe and beyond:

i thought i just read about a big public backlash against wind power in Norway? I am a fisherman from New England,currently working in the oil patch off Guyana,. They are planning the next few giant wind farms off the NE coast… All built by foreign companies,using foreign components,and very fuzzy math, paid for by US rate and tax payers… There is a big pushback by American fisherman… I dont know why they dont plaster the things on mountain tops and along highways instead of offshore… The companies are pushing them as fast as they can because the only money in it for them is in tax subsidies…

The backlash against wind farms in Norway was about windmills placed on mountains and low islands as close to the open sea as possible. (The normal NIMBY thing)
Offshore wind farm off Norway will have to floating, since there are very little shallow waters along the coast. The first such experimental windmill was installed many years ago and proved the feasibility. Now a larger floating wind farm has been installed off Scotland and more will be installed near oil and gas field in the North Sea to supply power to the installations there.
Large ground supported wind farm have been installed off Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and UK especially and it has become a big business for both engineering and maritime industries.
Besides, both the oil & gas fields and the wind farms with their safety zones has proven heavens for fish and other commercial marine species to grow up and migrate to fishing grounds where they can be caught. I think the worries that this development would destroy the environment and livelihood of fishermen has been largely proven false.

Lastly; why offshore rather than onshore? Because the wind are generally stronger and more steady offshore and because it is possible to install much bigger and more efficient windmills offshore. The idea that it is more expensive has also proven wrong, in terms of cost per installed mW. The newer wind farms are constructed without the need for any subsidies to be profitable. It is now cheaper than gas and even coal per kWh.

There is a lot of info available for those who are interested in actually knowing the facts, not just the negative beliefs that is spread freely and widely by people with no real knowledge.
Try this one for starters:

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maybe they dont rely on subsidies in Europe where electricity is 3x as much as in the states, average price in states per KWH IS around 13 cents… it doesnt make any sense financially unless the feds kick in, AND huge rate increases are put on rate payers in contracts to buy the power… and the fishing around the BI wind farms has gone to shit… some rod and reel guys like them but all the codfish and flats that were around them are just gone… and the next farms they want are 100 times bigger… and nobody talks about maintaining them, the cable from Block island farm already had to be reburied to a cost of ten million bucks after just 2 years, or decommissioning them…

Maybe the cod moved on because they like colder waters?
I presume the BI should be RI? If so that is the very start of Offshore wind in US, so mistakes are made. If you are willing to learn from the mistakes made by others a lot can be gained. Europe have a couple of decades of experience, while US has a few years from one small wind farm off RI.

If you look at cost per kWh to consumers at the moment you are correct, but a lot of that is taxes in case of Europe :

China is the cheapest on this list, yet they are building out more wind, solar and hydro power than anybody else.

The cost per installed mWh is the main comparison for new power plants.
Once installed there is not much cost for wind power, but a lot even for coal or gas powered ones.

The other, maybe MAIN, consideration in Europe and China is the soot and carbon emission from the various types of plants, not only the costs.
(The first for the local environment and the second for global warming)

Floating wind farms to be installed off South Korea:

The first floating windmill of a design different from that used off Scotland has been towed out from a yard in Spain. To be installed offshore Portugal:

No order yet, by Vard has designed a SOV with the North American market in mind: