Heavy lift transport

COSCO Heavy order one more “Super X” vessel for a growing market:

TotalEnergia’s Tyra II platform topsides on the way from Batam to Denmark.

Loadout: (Incl.video)


One more mega HLV joining the fast increasing world fleet:

The brandnew HUA RUI LONG leaving the CMHI Jiangsu yard for her first assignment.
Photo: Oliver Missiaen ©

I wonder if that’s also a Deltamarin design like BOKA Vanguard or if the Chinese “developed” it “ingeniously”…



It’s pretty obvious that both SSHTVs are of similar bow-less design, but given the fact that none of the companies involved in the design of BOKA Vanguard have been mentioned in relation to Hua Rui Long, I’m wondering if it’s a bootleg copy. After all, the Chinese are pretty flexible when it comes to intellectual property rights…


It was a tight squeeze for the BIGLIFT BAFFIN but they finally made it to New Jersey…. Amazing effort by all the team
Photo: Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. ….

The TAI AN KOU loaded with JB 117 in the port of Rotterdam
Photo: Wilem Holtkamp (c)

Repeat performance:

Tai An Kou loaded with JB117 ready to depart from Batam Nov. 2011 heading for R’dam.
Own picture.

The SUNRISE loaded with newbuilt inland barge hulls inbound for Rotterdam passing the Stena terminal in Hoek van Holland
Photo : Pieter Dorreman ©

She got her first cargo:

Guangzhou Salvage is delighted to inform you that their MV HUA RUI LONG, 82,500 DWT DP2 semi-submersible vessel has been delivered the 27 August 2022. She is now on her way to Mediterranean Sea to complete her maiden voyage.

Bonn & Mees sheerlegs MATADOR 3 discharging the SUNRISE at Rotterdam Waalhaven
Photo: Hans Hoffmann www.zeesleperelbe.nl (c)

The SEAWAY OSPREY discharged the Cosco pipelaying / crane barge CPP 601 and AHTS vessel HUA CHUAN 806 in Luba Bay, Equatorial Guinea under the professional guidance of Seaway 7’s SW7 loadmaster Capt. Ken Bekkevold and SEAWAY OSPREY Master Capt. Vitaly Smirnov.

Photos: Capt. Vitaly Smirnov - Master Seaway Osprey (c)

HLV Tai An Kou safely discharges the JB-117 in Rotterdam.
Photo: Cosco


Source: Harald Oddekalv via FB

The vessel is M/V Tans Våg:

Different airplane, same result.

More inland ship hulls arrive in R’dam:

The fully loaded BIGROLL BEAUFORT inbound for Rotterdam Waalhaven
Photo: Flying Focus Aerial Photography www.flyingfocus.nl ©

The sheerlegs MATADOR 3 & HEBO LIFT 9 getting ready to lift a newbuilding hull with a weight of 1800 ton from the BIGROLL BEAUFORT in Rotterdam Waalhaven
Photo: Max Mueller (c)


Sheerleg cranes MATADOR, MATADOR 2 and HEBO LIFT 9 seen in action lifting a newbuilt hulls from the BIGROLL BEAUFORT and lowering it safely into the right element at the Waalhaven In the port of Rotterdam.
Photos: Frank Valk, Teamleider | Co-Assurantie –Transport SAA Verzekeringen B.V.

Boskalis TRIUMPH loaded with the AXIMA (KFELS Mod V Enhanced B-Class model), the SIANA (ex SEAFOX 1 with extended legs) and the pontoon BRAN 5 spotted in Vlissingen Sloehaven
Photo: Wim Kosten – www.maritimephoto.com (c)

Heavy loads carrier Xin Guang Hua sails through Kola Bay to Novatek’s Belokamenka LNG Construction Center.
Source: China's biggest heavy-lift carrier sails into Kola Bay | The Independent Barents Observer

PS> She is no longer the biggest:

The 2009 built heavy load carrier OCEAN JAZZ, formerly COMBI DOCK IV, in the floating dock of Bredo Dry Docks in Bremerhaven. The ship was build together with three further sister ships at Lloyd Yard Bremerhaven. The ship is sailing for the american company US Ocean.
Photo: Christian Eckardt - Maritime Publication (c)