Heavy lift transport

The Chinese HLC HUA RUI LONG, assisted by tugs LIMA II and MANTA at the Caracasbaai (Curaçao) awaiting for uplifting the SEVAN BRASIL, which will be transported to Singapore.
In the background is seen the ALP GUARD
Photo: Bert de Kreek (c)

Her first cargo was a floating dock from China to Turkey:

After more than a year of planning and working closely with our client AF Offshore Decom, COSCO SHIPPING Specialized’s M/V XIN GUANG HUA safely performed the Float-on and Load-in operation of the 20,300mt CURLEW FPSO in early November together with Buksér og Berging and Mammoet.
Setting a New world record for the largest/heaviest SPMT operation, utilizing 748 Axle lines. The 235 meter long FPSO will now be further dismantled and recycled at AF Environmental Base Vats in Rogaland, Norway.

Float- on:


M/V Transshelf was built in Finland in 1987 for USSR (Ministry of Gas Industry) and taken over by Dockwise BV in 2004.( Commercial management was taken over much earlier)
Still manned by all Russian crews.

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HLV get all kinds of assignment and cargos.
Here is one of ZPMC’s HLVs delivering bridge elements for the Hardanger Bridge in Norway:

More info on the bridge construction:

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Another special assignment for a HLV. Transfer of the FPSO Curlew from afloat to dry land
FPSO Curlew in her prime:

Arrived in Vats for demolition 22.July,2022:

Removal of processing equipment performed while afloat.

Towed for loading on HLV in Vats 05. Nov. 2022:

Loadout in progress:

Rolling ashore at AF Vats facilities in a record breaking SPMT move:

On dry land for safe demolition 13. Nov. 2022:

The whole process in details:

Chinese navy semi-submersible heavy transport ship Yinmahu transports an air-cushioned landing craft during training in May 2022. Photo: eng.chinamil.com.cn/Li Jia

Heavylift ship BIGLIFT BAFFIN made a very brief stop over in Table Bay on her trip from Nantong (China ) to Savannah (USA) Photo: Glenn Käsner (c)

HLV Biglift Baffin without cargo:

The ROLLDOCK SEA loaded in FloFlo mode in Izmit Bay the pushers HB DOURADA & HB MAPARA. with weight of 970 Mt each with destination Belem (Brazil).
Photo: Jan Willem Monster ©

“White Marlin” with Penguins FPSO on deck arrived in Haugesund today. The Coast Guard was there to look after them.

Photo: Arild B via NSF

More pictures of White Marlin arriving Haugesund:

Photos: Edmund Høyvik

Biglift Baffin delivered her cargo in Savannah a few days ago:

The ship BigLift Baffin carried four cranes along the Savannah River on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023.
Credit: Benjamin Payne / GPB News
PS> Nice tug ready to assist. Better stay away from the overhang on port side.

Penguin FPSO has been off-loaded and is now alongside ate Aibel Shipyard, Haugesund:

Photo: Arild B via NSF

Of course Greenpeace was on hand to greet her:


After final outfitting is completed in the summer it will be towed to the British Sector of the North Sea where it will be operate by Shell for the next 20 years or so.

MV ROLLDOCK STORM arrived at Ølen Norway to unload the electric ferry LEIKANGER which was built by Sembcorp Marine and loaded in Singapore
Photo: Dmitrij Romanovic Second Engineer o/b MV ROLLDOCK STORM (c)

The MIGHTY SERVANT 3 loaded 4 jackets in Taipei to be transported to an Offshore Wind Farm.
Photo: Andre Korver ©

One of the early purpose built HLVs for Dockwise (following the Super Servant Class):
heavy_transport_vessel_mighty_servant_3.pdf (boskalis.com)

One of the newest HLVs loading two floating dock in Rotterdam:

The UHL FREEDOM spotted offloading a fast crewboat in Bahrain
Photo: Martijn Bakker ©

It is not every day we have a HTV visit Oslo even if many people are working in the HTV business there. Last Thursday Seaway 7’s Jan Foss took a picture of the ZHEN HUA 35 passing Oscarsborg Fortress (11.3 kn) on way out from Oslo. Jan’s guess is that the HTV had delivered 3 container cranes to Sjurssøya containerport in Oslo
Photo: Jan Foss ©

The EENDRACHT, of Global Seatrade from Urk, departed from Ostend, with a 150-tonne crane construction as deck cargo, destined for Copenhagen, Denmark. The crane is a suction crane, to suck a load of pellets from bulkers. In the photo she passes the Wandelaar pilot station to disembarking the pilot. Photo: Ronald Ribbe – http://www.rorifocus.nl ©

Pusher tug PIETER VAN DER WEES with barge LASTDRAGER 27 loaded with the U 17 S 196 enroute Speyer/Sinsheim passed Hardinxveld-Giessendam 11-05-2023
Photos: Ewoud Klop - https://pd3wdk.nl/ ©

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