Heavy lift transport

Transport of Heavy Lifts, both buoyant and non-buoyant, such as modules for the oil and gas industry, bridge sections and other heavy and large units by sea is a growing market .

Two of the biggest operators in this market, COSCO and Dongbang, is joining forces to offer as wide a variety of ships and services as possible:

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OHT has completed transporting 48 3-legged jacket foundations for Moray East Offshore wind farm from UAE to Nigg Bay, Scotland.

That has taken 8 months using two HLV, the Osprey and Albatross according to the news article. (Although I have seen pictures of the Hawk in Nigg Bay as well)

Ombugge: Thanks for all of your posts, and especially the heavy lift ones. Heavy lift has always fascinated me, and especially since I had the opportunity to ride as passenger aboard cargo on a yacht transport from Nanaimo, Canada to Port Everglades, Florida. Amazing vessels. The one pictured required a closer look on the website to see how it could see where it was going!

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The BIGROLL BERING loaded several newbuilding hulls including the MTS RIVAL in China for transporation to Rotterdam Photo’s via Henri Mulders Superintendent bij Alpinist S.A.

ZHEN HUA 16 (LR) arrived from Shanghai (CN) with container handling equipment for the Chinese harbor in Haifa Photo : Peter Szamosi ©

The 2012 built ZHI YUAN KOU Heavy Load Carrier, leaving St Annabai, Willemstad, with three ‘Bourbon’ units as cargo as seen from the WAVE SENTINEL Photo : Andrew Hanna ©

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Some Heavy lift vessels can do more than just carrying large heavy and oversized cargo from A to B:
Watch: Karish FPSO Mooring System Installation.

Many kind of cargos are carried on HLV:

ENI Mexico Tower load out on the BLACK MARLIN heading for Mexico.
Photo : Courtesy Les Johnston

ARCTIC ROCK navigating the Schelde off Antwerp Photo : Piet Dubbeldam ©

VESTVIND arriving at Nigg Energy Park with the first of the 100 NACELLE`s for MORAY EAST OWF Photo : David Meek ©

New HLV with DP2 class under construction:

Mid West Ports Authority has been advised that the loading operation of BARKLY PEARL on to the heavy lift ship FALCON was successful overnight. Sea fastening and associated inspections are being carried out in preparation for the Falcon to sail from Abrolhos Island today, Sunday, 10 January 2021.

Wish them good speed and following wind on the voyage.

Background info:

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Not for scrap but to be converted to floating power station:

FFS MARINE is these days together with #OHT (Offshore Heavy Transport) performing the biggest maritime operation to date in Farsund Norway.
3 big offshore vessels are being loaded on board HLV HAWK for transport to Turkey where they will be rebuild to mobile powerships.
We are proud and humble to assist on this prestige project says John W Nilsen Ceo of FFS MARINE AS.
FFS deliveries has being, preparations, planning, tugs, mooring crew, steelwork for cribbing, seafasting and general storage and logistics from our shorebase.

This is our second project with same client in a couple of months. Farsund has really placed it self on the map for being a preferred location for float on operations.

Anybody know which ship these tugs were loaded on??:

1 of 4 towboats successfully loaded today in New Orleans. It’s been a productive week, but the loading will continue over the weekend. These towboats will be working in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay. Huge thank you to all involved from our customer, the vessel crew, marine surveyor Kyle Smith, and our owners reps. This is a massive undertaking. #thankyou #maritimepartnersllc #jonesact #safety #karlsenner #cumminspower

A new Fast Ferry for Fjord Line has been loaded on a barge in the Philippines for transport to Kristiansand, Norway.

Here is a presentation of the Fjord FSTR:


NOTE: The Giant 5 barge doesn’t have stabilizing columns aft, thus the barge is grounded at the stern while loading/discharging.
This require the location to be carefully chosen, with the required water depth, bottom condition and free from debris.
Tidal range is also an issue.

Weight is not always the main issue when transporting project cargo around the world:

Here is a more normal transport. 4 vessels being transported from Tema, Ghana to China, where they will continue in service:


Why transport vessels that is capable to make the trip on their own??
Simple, it is cheaper that hiring crew and supplying fuel for the long voyage around Africa.

Similar transport by HLV Hawk; 3 vessels from Farsund, Norway to Turkey for conversion to Power ships:

Departing Farsund:

The 70000 tonnes Argos FPU has been load into Boka Vanguard in S.Korea for transport to the GoM:


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After smashing its own heavy-lift record in Ortona by lifting a 2086 tonne reactor, our JUMBO KINETIC carried on to Thailand and discharged all four reactors in Laem Chabang for the Thaioil Clean Fuel Project.

PS> Lots of axels on that transporter

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