Offshore Wind Farm vessels

A new and innovative combined CTV and SOV has been commissioned:

Equipped with a new design of W2W gangway, or B2W system as this one is called:


Damen appears to be aiming at the US market.
Here is their new CTV for US waters:

The Cable lay vessel Connector (Ex Lewek Connector) has been sold to Jan de Nul:

A vessel packed with equipment for many different tasks in the OWF and OOG industries worldwide.

Crowley to join in the fun:

Mostly aiming at LNG initially.

Recently the walk to work vessel ACTA CENTAURUS arrived at the dock location of Niestern Sander for maintenance works. This highly sophisticated offshore vessel of Acta Marine was brought at a height of 2.4 meters in dock 2:

Jan de Nul’s 191,5 m long JOSEPH PLATEAU is used for precise rock dumping to a depth of 2,000 m. The system for the unfolding of the fall pipe is extremely advanced and operates fully automatically. At the bottom of the fall pipe there is a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) that accurately corrects the position of the lower end of the fall pipe. The vessel has a 31,500 ton loading capacity and makes it possible to dump 2,000 tons of rock per hour at a depth of 2,000 m. The vessel can accommodate 84 persons. The fall pipe vessel JOSEPH PLATEAU is mostly be deployed in the offshore industry in which oil and gas pipes have to be installed at large depths: the JOSEPH PLATEAU can level the seabad and dump rock up to a depth of 2,000 m. The fall pipe can process boulders with a diameter up to 400 mm, which is more than any other fall pipe vessel on the market.The JOSEPH PLATEAU is also suitable for deepsea mining operations, i.e. for recovery of minerals from the seabed and cable laying activities.

PS> The last hull in the series of 3 SOVs have just arrived at Havyard, Leirvik.
To be completed and delivered later this year.

Packed with equipment for multiple tasks in Offshore Wind Farm:

Boskalis NDURANCE seen transiting the Kiel Canal Photo : Frank Behling ©

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The SOV BIBBY WAVEMASTER HORIZON operating at the Hohe See OWF Photo : N.Orton ©

C-Bed’s walk-to-work accomodation vessel WIND INNOVATION returned Feb 23rd via Kiel to Lindo (Denmark) where she was converted at Fayard A/S in 2015/16 from former research vessel VIKING II. According to WIND INNOVATION will start serving the 1.4 GW Hornsea Two windfarm project NE of Grimsby, UK in March. Photo : Martin Lochte-Holtgreven ©

More and more large companies see opportunities in Offshore Wind in the future:

Another major Norwegian shipping company gets heavily into the Offshore Wind market:

They have sold out of Cruise and Offshore Oil & Gas the last few years.

There is an article in Bloomberg today: GE is now the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the World.

They may lead the world in the number of wind turbines produced:

But they just lost the position as the developer of the largest Offshore wind turbine:

CSVs can be used for many things, incl. decommissioning:

Keynvor Morlift Ltd as main contractor are delighted to announce the safe and successful completion of our met mast decommissioning project at Moray East Offshore Windfarm. The 80m+ high lattice mast was dismantled from a JUV by rope access technicians. We removed the >200te platform and monopile assemblies using the OLYMPIC TAURUS, ARTEMIS and ZEUS with ROV-led subsea diamond wire cutting. We’d like to express our thanks to the team at Moray East and to our friends at Olympic Subsea ASA, Cutting Underwater Technologies Ltd, TOLLEY FABRICATIONS LTD and our entire supply chain. We think this was a fantastic showcase of our ability to deliver a challenging full turnkey scope in the depths of winter for our Client. Great work by the KML team and suppliers!

The MPI RESOLUTION inbound for Rotterdam passing Maassluis Photo : Monique Davis-Mulder ©

The first vessel with both X-Bow and X-Stern has completed her first assignment:

Vessel specs:

Bird’s eye view of the WTIV Blue Tern:(ex Seafox 5):