Offshore Wind Farm vessels

The WIND ENTERPRISE parked in Ijmuiden-Ymond haven
Photo : Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

Taiwan company Dong Feng expand fleet by purchasing Pacific Constructor:

Some may remember her being in the news when working for Ocean Infinity?:

Anybody with a few $Mn. to invest in a booming industry??

The WIND ORCA operating at the HornSea project
Photo : Flying Focus Aerial Photography ©

“A forest of legs”

Last week the JB117 successfully completed her sea trials with the recently installed DP-2 set. Being outfitted with DP-2, consisting of 4 azimuth thrusters, the JB117 can position herself without the use of anchors.Furthermore, 1 tug only is required for mobilising to the project location, where the JB117 can move and position herself autonomously at the area of operation. Above seen the JB 117 returning to Rotterdam after the seatrials Photo : Arie van Oudheusden ©

JB 117 was built at Batam, Indonesia in 2011:

Loaded on the HLV Tai An Kou 16. Nov. 2011 for transport to R’dam:

Crane block secured for the trip around Africa:

The 2020 build Heavy Load Carrier, BRAVE WIND passing Port Mulgrave off the North Yorkshire Coat on course from Portsmouth to Teesport. Photo : Alastair Smith Port Mulgrave ©

DEME’s first Service Operation Vessel (SOV) is seen putting in a great performance at her sea trials. The DP2, twin-hulled SOV ‘GROENEWIND’ improves safety, comfort and workability for offshore wind farm maintenance. The 60 m vessel is equipped with a motion compensated gangway for the safe transfer of the technicians to the turbines, even in significant wave heights. ‘GROENEWIND’ has already been signed up for a multi-year contract with Siemens Gamesa, whereby the SOV will be deployed for the maintenance of SeaMade offshore wind farm in Belgium. Thank you to captain Youri Sioen for sharing the photo!

PS> It does not say WHICH Significant wave height (??)

The new cable layer Nexans Aurora is soon ready for delivery from Ulstein:

Come for ride during sea trial in Storfjorden:

PS> She is still out there doing trials.

Sunrise over the Baltic on board WTIV VOLE AU VENT. Only a few more trips remaining before project completion. Photo : Remy Fleury ©