Heavy lift transport

Last year Boka Vanguard transported the 90000 tonnes FPSO P-67 from China to Brasil:

That is the heaviest single cargo carried by ship so far. When will the 100K limit be broken?

PS> In 1988 the world record was 27000 tonnes, set by the Seabig Venture when carrying the Ekofisk Barrier bottom slabs from R’dam to Aalfjord, Norway.

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The aft part of Maersk Honan is on it’s way from Dubai to Korea on the COSCO HLV Xin Guang Hua:

This is the largest vessel in the COSCO Heavy Transport fleet, at 98000 DWT:

Boka Vanguard has arrived in Norway with the 28000 m.t. main processing module for Johan Sverdrup Field on a barge as her cargo:

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Another special cargo for Boka Vanguard. Intended to be the world’s longest “vessel”,at 430 m. LOA. The final “Havfarm 1”, an offshore floating fish farm, measure a length of “only” 385 m:

It will be transported from the building yard in Yantai, China to the installation site off Hadseløy in Northern Norway:

Boka Vanguard arrived at her destination in Northern Norway this Saturday, 13. June:

They are now preparing to offload in protected waters:

From there she will be towed to a more exposed location off Hadseløy and moored by a turret at the bow only, allowing her to swing around her own axis with current and wind conditions.
This will reduce the impact in the “footprint” area, increasing the throughput of clean, oxygen-rich water, and in addition exercise the fish by swimming against the flow, which will make the fish in better physical shape…

This is what she will look like when in operation:

She will have a permanent “crew” of 10 persons, of which some will be mariners.

The Havfarm 1 has been off-loaded from Boka Vanguard

And towed to site:

The hull of CECON Excellence has finally left the building yard in Varna for transport to Florø, Norway for outfitting:

From Maasmond Newsclippings today:

The hull was originally built at Bodosplit, Croatia and arrived in Varna on the HLV Transshelf in 2017, but the outfitting was never completed: