Heavy lift transport

The ROLLDOCK SEA loaded earlier this week the ferry SAN GORGIO (ex SAN GWANN) in Ibiza for transportation to Malta
Photos: Jan Willem Monster ©

HLV Tai An Kou left Ulsteinvik yesterday and is now heading south along the Norwegian coast:

There appear to have been a “slight change” in her destination from what was reported in the local newspaper earlier. She is now showing Gdynia, Poland as next destination.

Change of plan, wrong info, or did the newspaper just assume that a Chinese ship would be bound for China?? (Reverting when known)

Tai An Kou leaving Ulsteinvik between two storms:

Amazing what can be accompliced when you have the right gear, knowhow and dedication:

Good planning also help

Sunrise over the ZHEN HUA 12 at the CJK (Shanghai) anchorage
Photo: Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora (c)

SAL’s heavy lift Type 116 HLV ANNA was spotted in Houston, TX carrying in excess of 16,500 cbm of refinery equipment consisting of chillers, absorbers, drums and dehydrators - with several units weighing in excess of 350 t. The cargo will be used for a big refinery project in the Houston area.
Source: Maasmond Newsclippings

PS> It doesn’t say where she loaded the cargo, though.

COSCO Heavy Lift add another 80000 DWT semisubmersible ship to their fleet:

Xin Yao Hua Semi-Submersible Vessel Delivered In Guangzhou
GUANGZHOU, CHINA - JANUARY 19: A naming and delivery ceremony is held for the Xin Yao Hua semi-submersible vessel on January 19, 2022 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province of China. The Xin Yao Hua vessel was built by Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) Company, with a dead weight of 80,000 metric tons.
(Photo by Chen Jimin/China News Service via Getty Images)

The semi- submersible heavy load carrier “GPO AMETHYST” moored in the Calandkanaal, Rotterdam after having arrived from Belokamenka in Russia.
Photo: Cees van der Kooij (c)

What was she doing in a place like Belokemenka?
Probably something to do with this:

The Black and the Blue together is true:

The BLACK MARLIN arrived at the JC Meijers terminal in Rotterdam Waalhaven Photo : Ruud Breur ©

The BLUE MARLIN outbound from Rotterdam Photo : Henk van der Heijden (c)


Wagenborgs’s ARNEBORG offloaded at Singapore Jurong port for Peters & May the 3 ex Isle of Wight Hovercrafts ISLAND EXPRESS, FREEDOM 90 and the COURIOR onto a barge for transportation to Batam (Indonesia)

The hover crafts will be renamed in AIR BISON 1,2 & 3.
PS> “Air” means water in the local language. (Bahasa Indonesia)
Photos: Peters & May ©

The brand new, Jan 19 2022 delivered 81798 t DWT XIN YAO HUA enroute from Nansha to Ras Laffan(Qatar) navigating the Westbound TSS in the Singapore Strait loaded with the large floating drydock SPP 2

This newbuild brings COSCO’s fleet of semi-submersible vessels to nine. It has an overall length of 255 m and a breadth of 57 m and its cargo deck spans 211.2 m x 57 m. The deck can support 25 tonnes per sq m overall, and up to 125 tonnes per sq m on the webframes. The ship, which has DP2 capabilities, is the second-largest semi-submersible in the. COSCO fleet.

Photos: Piet Sinke www.maasmondmaritime.com (c)

Heavy Load Carrier FAN ZHOU 10 Navigating the SUTORS of CROMARTY inbound PORT of NIGG with six Foundation Jackets built in China for the SEAGREEN OWF. FAN ZHOU 10 will be assisted to her berth at NIGG by the ABERDEEN based tug PETEREL and BOLUDA`s STRATHDON and STRATHDEE.
Photo: David Meek (c)

Arrival of the Italian Augustea tug “CARLO MARTELLO” with the WAGENBORG BARGE 11 inbound for Rotterdam Waalhaven and arriving from Invergordon (GB). Om the barge two jackets have been loaded with a height of 100 meters. Local assistance was provided by the “FAIRPLAY III” and the pusher/tug “WALVIS”.
Photo: Cees van der Kooij (c)

Two “old friends” of mine; J/U Key Singapore and HLV Trustee together at last:

The 1982 built Shelf Drilling jack up oil rig KEY SINGAPORE being positioned aboard the 1991 built semi-submersible ship TRUSTEE still in Dockwise livery on Friday 4th March, 2022. This was the 3rd time that the rig approached TRUSTEE but due to forecasted strong wind, operation had to be cancelled with last Friday as the successful one.
Photo: Capt. Lawrence Dalli - www.maltashipphotos.com ©

Another old friend. OHT’s Osprey (now Seaway Osprey) with an “unusual” cargo for this type of HLVs:

SEAWAY OSPREY departing from the Huisman yard in Xiamen with onboard the new craneboom for Fred Olsen’s BOLD TERN.
Photo: Lo ©

That is how it should work in the world of shipping everywhere;
The J/V of OHT and Seaway 7 “help out” carrying a crane for the compatriot and competitor, Fred. Olsen Wind Carriers.

Of course they all have their HQ not far apart in Oslo and meet up in the Shipping Club for a bit of social interaction fairly frequently.

Alternatively at Theatercafeen for a gourmet dinner and a chat with one of the regulars there, John Fredriksen, when he is in town:

PS> John happened to have owned OHT in an earlier edition, at the time when the Osprey was converted from tanker to HLV.

Boskalis’ FJORD moored in Rotterdam-Waalhaven
Photo: Frank Behling ©

Interesting history for this vessel; Built as barge, converted to self-propelled HLV and now back to being towed again.

Seen here with a load of 26 tugs transported from Singapore to Venezuela in 2011:

The ROLLDOCK STORM ballasted down to the max in Singapore for the loading of the ferry HELLA
Photo: E.Knisp (c)


Ferry HELLA:


From Maasmond Newsclippings today:

Photos: E.Knisp (c)

Two more Solstad AHTS heading to China (??):
The NORMAND MASTER and NORMAND MARINER spotted loaded onboard Cosco’s XIANG HE KOU in the Amoy Fjord (Norway)
Photo: Thialf Engine room team ©


  • The boats are going to China, where they have been sold, says CFO Kjetil Ramstad in Solstad Offshore to Bygdebladet.
    He does not know what “Normand Master” and “Normand Mariner” will be used for in China.

The FAN ZHOU 10 anchored at the Everingen Anchorage at the Westerschelde
Photo: Mateo Witte ©

The Heavy Load Carrier HUA YAN LONG navigating the Sutors of Cromarty outbound Vlissingen NL. HUA YANG LONG offloaded 5 Foundation Jackets at PORT of NIGG for the SEAGREEN OWF.
Photo: David Meek (c)

The ROLLDOCK SEA loaded in Ulsan (South Korea) 2 modules for a new refinery and departed for Dos Boscas, Mexico as seen below

Photos: Erik de Keijzer (c)