Counterfeit Hydrostatic Releases


I just received this bulliten from my friends over at Panbo:


It has recently come to our attention that someone is producing fake copies of our Hydrostatic Release Unit, the

Hammar H20. To an untrained eye, the copy is almost identical to the original product, with Hammar’s logo and

address on the labels. The fake might look almost like the original product, but there is one very important difference:

the copy does not work!

We have tested several of the copies. Not a single one of them worked properly according to SOLAS’ specification –

the fake H20 will definitely not release a life raft or an Epirb. We see this as a very serious situation. There can

be a number of ships at sea that are sailing with fake Hydrostatic Release Units. If any of these ships were to sink,

there will definitely be no life rafts or Epirbs that will help to rescue the seafarers in danger!


Jesus…one <strong>more </strong>thing to worry about.


That’s terrible


Unforgivable., I’m a good capitalist as much as the next guy but this kinda of thing needs to stop and jail terms need to be enforced…


If you buy one hundred units they’ll throw in counterfeit copies of Microsoft Office, a Rolex watch, and a Coach Bag.


Ah but nobody can tell a real Coach bag from a fake one. Except for your 15 year old daughter that wants one for Christmas.


This I know to be fact…They know…How,…? I have no idea but they do.!


Who know’s…I think I remember reading some article once about the number of stitches across the handle…the real ones had 5 but the fake ones had 6? I dunno, if it were me, for 10% of the price, one stitch is close enough!


My daughter can spot the real thing from fifty paces.


Women in training…I pitty the fool that ends up with my daughter…I sure hopes he’s loaded…


Yeah, my wife is into all that stuff. She told me not to bother buying her any “nice” stuff overseas cause it’s probably fake and a waste of $$$. On the other hand, my 3 year old niece loves the Louis Vutton bag that i got her in Italy