Got a whole load of VFDs to sell

just brought these home and getting them listed but if anyone knows of a buyer for one or all of these please send them my way

I have 7 more but still have yet to offload them into my shop

If only I knew what those things were and how they worked…

Vessel Floatation Device ?
Sounds like it may be important safety gear.

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Please say you guys are joking …

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With regard to VFD’s:

  1. Use VFD rated cables, it will save you trouble in the long run.

  2. Be ready for power quality issues both acting on the VFD and caused by the VFD.

  3. Make sure you mount one at all 4 quarters of the ship and midships so when you deploy them the ship will float evenly and not incur undue bending stresses.


well I certainly encountered one GoM “chief” of a $55M VFD equipped vessel who had no idea what they were

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Well we got four of these big ones in the control room so I’m feeling real good about not drowning while I’m sitting my watch. There are at least a dozen more of various sizes scattered to all four corners of the boat. I recon the Norge NavArch’s this vessel design was stolen from knew about the proper placement of these things for reserve buoyancy.

and what in the name of Beelzebub is that door left tied open? Is that an A-60 fire boundary there? Good way to lose the boat there Bubba. FUCKING GODDAMNED GoM BOOBS!

Did you know they got these doors down below that slide back and forth like them star track doors on the enterprise. I’d never seen them move until we had to make sure they worked for the ABS fella. Hell I’ve walked through them a million times didnt even know’d they was doors at all. They have a car jack looking thing behind em didn’t even knowd that was there. Once I got to looking at em real close like I found a small pump in the door frame. That finally explained why there was a puddle of oil under the door for the longest time. After about a year a wipin it up it never came back again. I figured one of the guys was funnin with me but I’m to smart to let it get to me.


you people don’t deserve such vessels…

I say everyone from Loumissama only drive vessels that look like this

tink y’all can figur out why it dun wen an quit runnin? didja try jigglin dat waar dare?

Aw mais yeah dere dood dats fancee. If I had to guess I’d say dey gots dem batteries wet or dey need to change the oil. Dats about all I know’d to check on machinical stuff like dat.

I think they have too many incompetent officers not in charge on the bridge

den try a bote like dis wun…tink y’all can figur out hows to make it go?

Goodbye, Joe, me gotta go, me oh my oh.
Me gotta go, pole the pirogue down the bayou.

They for sure got some tame ducks down that way …

ducks, shmucks! someone help me to sell these things

Place an ad in Boats & Harbors

Well I just brought home some VFD(-F) and getting them tested.

hmmm…I don’t take kindly to competition…hope you aren’t in my backyard!

btw, what is the whole (-F) bit?

Welcome back Alberto! It’s been a long time.

Knowing Alberto’s sense of humor I assume VFD-F= Venereal Disease.

what the FUCK happened to this forum?

I need a drink