M/v DAUNTLESS officially for sale

yes, I have had to accept the inevitable and have listed the DAUNTLESS for sale with a broker however I still retain the ability to sell the vessel myself so if anyone here knows someone’s brother’s best friend’s cousin who has cash in hand and happens to want to own an ex Navee training vessel, steer them to me and you will be well remembered


Oh no c.c say it isn’t so!

mind that I don’t want to sell her, but without work for the vessel it is hard to just pay for her to be parked and sitting. if she does sell, there will be others in time (something like 16 others although all but one are east coast)

I saw your ad for Dauntless in Boats & Harbors.

if i am reading those drawings correctly, the ER is in between the berthing and the galley? what an ingenius way to make sure engine room checks will happen…


Trades? I got a 99 Grand Caravan and 900 cash. The vans got some leaks but im told its common for the year.


Turn it into a home and office on the water. Could be worse. I’d take it over living in a trailer. Just sayin’

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I’ve worked on some tugs laid out like that.

They did a good write up on the vessel.


that was my work

NYET! W/T bulkheads without doors between accomms and fuel, fuel and E/R and then E/R and mess deck so up and over with the dogs (and they’d better do those rounds down below or they’ll be on the receiving end of my sarcastic wrath)

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I have though of doing that but my business needs land and a shop which presently I am renting. I dream of 5acres of flat ground somewhere on which I can build

WOW! A '99 Grand Caravan AND cash? Don’t tempt me like that…


will be running it again soon but with the higher asking price. I can’t have the vessel at two prices in two places

How many does she sleep? There may be a market for her in Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

she can sleep 30 with additional berths but I really don’t see the delivery making any real sense. plenty of cheap vessels in the GoM which can bunk more persons

Why is a 1987 boat that isn’t a minesweeper made out of wood?

Best quote of the week: “Cruise Speed 11 knots, max 14 knots Exceptionally strong double planked 3” thick wood hull. Aluminum superstructure Designed to teach Naval officers how to operate ships."


They had YP class vessels at the Naval Academy in the sixties, and they looked well worn then. Dunno if same design, but pretty similar if not.

Looks like the current crop of YPs are metal. Here’s a cruise video from 2010 with the older class. https://youtu.be/PeDYAJmTz1s

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I am all for helping c.captain out. He is a good guy and has a great vessel in top notch condition for sale. If anybody knows anybody interested please refer him/she to c.captain. You got this.