Updates on c.captain's fleet

@c.captain, Just wondering how you are making out with your fleet. It seems like it’s been a long time since you have posted any updates.

I hope you are getting the kinks worked out and are having luck finding work for them.


alas the DAUNTLESS did not get a charter for this summer so sits in Ballard waiting for me to come up with a Plan B for her. In the meantime you will soon see her advertised for sale in Boats and Harbors. I just realize now my ideas of one year startup for her was unrealistic and more like three is needed to develop a solid market for her

My other vessel, the ORCA was sold in January for a ridiculously low sum of money but her new owner is refitting her and converting the vessel to cruise Alaska. I am very happy to know she is receiving all the love and attention she deserves.

In the meantime until the DAUNTLESS becomes a paying proposition, you’ll find me buying and selling anything industrial be it a truck, trailer, compressor, generator, pump, engine…you name it, I’ve probably gone one for sale or can find you one in a day or two.

I am becoming a white Fred Sanford!