DAUNTLESS needs an autopilot

pretty much everything is in place for a Simrad Robertson AP45 pilot except for the control panel which the Navy retained. If anyone here might know of a resource where I can find one I would be very grateful if you would pass along the info to me and of course, if you know where there is one that’s available, please let me know.

btw, already checked eBay and nothing at the moment

I’ve got one in my basement at home that you can have for free. Will have to wait until I get home in mid November.
If you can’t wait that long try Sailorman in Fort Lauderdale.

Do you need a gyro? I’ve got a Simrad RGC 50 I need to sell. Only 5 years old. Complete with pilot interface board.

[QUOTE=Swampfox;191707]Do you need a gyro? I’ve got a Simrad RGC 50 I need to sell. Only 5 years old. Complete with pilot interface board.[/QUOTE]

perhaps…DAUNTLESS had been originally fitted with a Sperry Mk.37 gyro but that was replaced with a Sperry NaviStar satellite compass which does work however I might like to also have a gyro compass as well. PM me what you would want for it?


5 years old is an eternity in gyro years if there was no sphere replacement (usually every 3 years for a core charge), no annual service, and it’s been sitting in a garage.

just for an update on the DAUNTLESS project…been working on the bridge recently and have good news to report. The satellite gyro (Sperry NaviStar) is powered up and working, same for the depth sounder (JRC) and the one radar (Sperry BridgeMaster) that came with the vessel. Installed a VHF (Icom) yesterday and have a GPS (Furuno) going in tomorrow. Pretty much ready up top to do those long delayed seatrials. Will be getting the autopilot from Flyer69 in November and installing that when it arrives. Still have to workout issues with the 2nd radar (Furuno) but don’t need it for the move north the LaConner in November. Over the winter will be adding redundant electronics or replacing some of the existing with higher standard equipment.

downstairs, I am waiting to get one cooler core back from a radiator repair shop and should be good to go with the machinery. Also will be getting back to the potable pump as well as the other systems I have not yet tested like sanitary and HVAC.

stay tooned for updates