Sperry Visionmaster FT

Hey all,

Been aboard a new ship for about a week now, and have been struggling with the ECDIS on board, the vessel is a relatively new build but we received no Operator/User Manual for it only a technical manual for ENC installation and Baud rate config for the comm port. I’ve searched around the net and Sperry does not seem to post ANY of their documents online for these units. Does anyone have a user manual for this thing that they could email/pm/send to me? The old man is getting aggravated with it, the chief mate is aggravated with it and the general consensus in the wheel house is that the retards at Sperry need to get out of the software business. The damn thing won’t even track with the movement of the vessel (and I’ve dug through the minimal help files on the console to no avail).

Thanks in advance and sorry for the rant.

That thing is awful. STAR Center has it in their big simulator and its designed by idiots. Good luck.

I used an earlier version of visionmaster, which was fitted on all the NOAA FSVs. They even sent me to the school. We had user manuals on board and even got ECDIS training DVDs for the boat (tailored to the class I took in Virginia). Anyway, maybe you should contact Sperry to get the manuals. The older version I used was not great. Took forever to enter routes cause you couldn’t reverse them. Track info was not always accurate cause you had to drop a go-to point on the route in front of you. Etceteras. Anyway, sorry I couldn’t be more help, but I really don’t see why Sperry didn’t leave user/operator/installation manuals with the boat. I would start with Sperry. You pay 10s of thousands of dollars for this shit and they should throw in a few books to go with it.