Training and upgrade requirements (suggestions)

Hello everyone!<br><br>I’m pretty new to the workboat thing. I started about 6 months ago. I have a 100T Master and was put on a very technilogically advanced osv as Relief Master. I talked my way into the job and to be honest, it’s been very difficult. I admit that I bit off more than I could chew! I’m learning as I go and I’m gettin there! I’m not new to boat handling. I worked on a small dinner boat for about 2 years as a deckhand/galleyhand/oiler. I got to drive the boat alot. I was told by the captain that I was a natural. Not to brag on myself but I too admit that I’m good. My problem is learning the new technology (Inmarsat-C, other radio equipment, DP, etc.). I’m looking for any advice for gettin a bigger lisence (500T) and (stcw). I was hoping to find one school that can get me everything I need. I pretty much got the DP thing figured out, not very hard. I see alot of cool big boats around that have the same technilogically advanced equipment that I have but I think that they have to have school. Is that right? Look guys, I know that all of you started somewhere just like me! If any of you can point me in the right direction I’d be real thankful.

Check out LE Fletcher in Houma LA. I think that they provide just about everything that you are looking for with regards to classes offered. The only thing that I am not sure about is whether or not they offer the Basic & Advanced DP courses. Good Luck.

aargh,<br><br>Thanks for the info! I’m gonna call over there when I can afford it. I talked to a friend and he said that a real nice captain over there.

MinniSupplyMan,<br><br> If I was you, I would read through these pages before making rookie statements. You don’t see anyone bragging on working in a cadillac with power steer do you? That’s cause they all have power steering, yo. Now, if you had a technologically advanced toilet bowl - I would be interested.<br><br>GCaptain ROR-RULE # 1 WIDE BIRTH WHEN TRANSITING AROUND LARGE VESSELS<br>

minnisupplyman,<br><br>The first place you should start is with your company’s training department. They should have all the answers you need. If they can’t help you, then you should think twice about why you’re working there. Then take anchorman’s advice and start looking around the threads here. There are lots of folks here who take a lot of time to help the newbies out, but you’re gonna find that some humility on your part will be much more effective than telling us how cool you are.<br><br>Sail safe.<br><br>

Capt Anonymous,<br><br>Thanks for your advice! I’m just real ambitious and real excited about what I do! I am real humble and just get excited when I talk about things I love very much! I’m goin through a divorce right now and just lookin for something good! You sail safe to!