Looking for some advice from the old school!

Having been away from the marine industry for a long time. I decided to get back in with both feet a couple months ago. I have been studying the USCG websites getting a grasp on what I can get with the sea service time I have. Having an AB Unlimited ticket back in the day gives me enough time to sit for my 100GT Masters NC (worked on 300gt supply boats and tugs in the GOM). I have already gone to school and passed the course. I have completed my physical and drug test. I am getting references and recency seatime togeather now. The only thing I see holding me up on this is I am waiting on my seatime to come back to me from the archives center in Virgina. ETA on that is mid July.

My question is this to anyone who might have a good idea or two. Is there anything else as far a courses to take at this point while I am waiting. My goal is to get back in the GOM oilfields for awhile and get some experience as mate then captain. Are there some other courses that might be worth taking now ( radar, advance life support, radio, ect.)?

If my memory serves me well, it was damn near impossible to get time off from work and the honey do list when home to go to school.

I also am getting my AB Unlimited again. I figured I may have to start back on the deck for a bit and hausepipe back up again. In school now for STCW-95 as we speak, next week Lift boat unlimited, then AB school, and RFPNW Assesments. If nothing else I will need my AB for upgrades down the road from what I am seeing. Any ideas on other things that might be good to have would be appreciated. Goal is to eventually work my way up to bigger supply boats, or offshore towboats and AHTB. Not sure which way for sure. I know the paths are different if you go into Towboats.

Good luck getting your sea time from NMC. I started that project last October, and still do not have a complete report.

Radar would be a good class to pick up, too.

[B]Here’s a question unrelated to this post for you Towing Masters and Mates: What is a gogeye? has to with tripping or going in irons I think…[/B]

Hi Steve,
I think it’s a British term, equivalent to “gob line”, or “hold down”.

There has been some similiar posts to this, and I think most of us agreed that RADAR is always a good class to have. And since it has been a while since you’ve been out there, you might want to catch an ARPA and / or ENAV class, too. Lots of changes in the past couple of years with regards to AIS, GPS/ECDIS, etc. and all of the new gagdetry has some pitfalls to watch out for.

[quote=mtskier;14486]Hi Steve,
I think it’s a British term, equivalent to “gob line”, or “hold down”.

You are absolutely correct Mtskier, I just found the answer my self. We called it a Gob line and one of its purposes besides preventing tripping was to hold down the tow wire from jumping the Norman Pins in a rough sea when the stern of the tug would dip down while the tug was pitching. The term gogeye came up in a C.G. deck general question that I was reviewing in prep for my next license test.
Thanks for your learned reply…

Thank you all for the heads up. I will check into each of them. The last couple days were spent firefighting as part of the STCW-95 up in Port Canaveral! Man that was an eye opening experience! I have even more respect for firefighters and what they do.

I feel the same way…I took my course at the Fire Fighting Academy in Seattle…What those guys do day in and day out is incredible…