Nav Problems test questions?

I did a search and didn’t really see a Thread on the subject, a few scattered here and there.

I just took my 3rd mates test NEAR COSTAL and failed the Coastal Plotting part. I scored an 80. I missed my Current problem and a two bearing abeam problem. Stupid stuff on my part but still failed it.

Here is my point for the post. I had capn Joes software and Murphys study books. Been in them hot and heavy for a while. I was studying the LAN, LMT, Running fixes and all that stuff pretty hard the week before testing. Not a one was on the test.

I have noticed that a lot of the NAV GENERAL questions were on my Coastal plotting (Terristrail) section. Hardly any nav problems were on my NAV GENERAL section.

So know I’m confussed. Heading back next week to test but don’t know what to study. I didn’t take any prep courses. I took the route to study on my own with the above material.

To help me figure out how to best use my time to study what do you recall on your Terristrail part of the test.

I had 1 current, 1 tide, 3 running LOP, 1 two bearing abeam question, 2 set & Drift, and 1 Gyro error using Denib and I cant remember the rest but must have been straight forward questions. I didn’t even study how to do the star thing but used the bowditch and 30 minutes later figured it out. It’s almost like the Sun with a little difference.

Just trying to rule out what not to study. Seems like my test questions where all over the place. I had Stability questions on my Nav General. I have always been told they would be on the Deck Safety.

After taking the test I realize that you can’t guess what is on the test and where it my show up but there is still hope. If anyone posts what they had on thier test it my help me and the folks in the future.

A lot has changed recently so must people here won’t be able to help you. The best resource may be to email murphy and ask him (since you used his books). I hear he is very helpful and he well likely know the modern format.

You sure stability was on nav general? I thought it was on deck general…

Or Deck Safety…

I thought deck safety was all cfr questions and that stability was on deck general.

I’ll check my study sheets after watch.

I’m a but confused. If you have studied the material what does it matter were you find it on the test? Seems like you need to hammer a bit more on the basics. Then when you find a test question ( in any portion of the test) you will be ready. I’d highly advocate making a routine of transferring all notes held in your memory onto the blank sheets of paper they give you right when you sit down with test in hand and before you start the test. Sure, one would like to target only certain types of questions for a test, but I do recall various diversions on the CG test along the way on mine as well. It could be a way the USCG makes sure you know the material.

The point is, he wants to study only what is on the chart plot exam, as opposed to all navigation stuff because done if that might be on the nav general exam. Thats called thinking…

I understand that point, my point is if you have a good professional knowledge base then you don’t have to target certain question types and risk failing. I was generally more concerned with my professional abilities, the USCG test then seemed like a small issue. But perhaps thinking was not part of the unlimited master exam, I forget it’s been so long ago… :wink:

Capting Pheniox - I think it was a Stability question. I’m not sure what is what now after taking the exam but this was the bases of the question.

You loaded 250 ton foward on the KG and your MT1 was 1000. What is your foward draft now? There was more to the question of course but that was the jest of it. Also had to use the stability book on another question reguarding something, I guessed and sure I missed it. Also had a load line question in the Nav General part.

xmsccapt - Point taking and believe me, 20 years in the military I have the same way of thinking also. I am going for my license and want them. I most likely will never in my life have to take a star fix for my location and most likely never will have to do the math concerned on loading.

I must have gone over the material pretty good once I only have to worry about one module out of the 6 I took and only missed it by one question and that was strictly my fault. I took the distance of the object and used my 16 kts for time of CPA instead of taking the distance of the object to the CPA point. I did MOBOARDS in the military for 20 years. I missed this question simply due to being complacent because I’ve done it for so long.

I was just posting to see what other people had on thier Terristrail part because I was studying everything in the books. It was a mind binder. I most likely will never be on a oil tanker and don’t want to be but I learned about all thier cleaning systems and all that stuff, not that I will ever need that and will learn it if I do go to a tanker. Just because you passed something doesn’t mean you know it. Heck, I have proven that and I have seen that everyday just in the GOM with some of the captains I have sailed with.

I’m just trying to narrow my study material so that I pass this exam and able to get to the wheel house to get stick time. That’s where you learn or gain knowledge not out of a book. I would rather sail with a captain thats been on the water for 15 years that has forgot more then the graduate out of an academy that still has all that book smarts.

So if anyone has any inputs on what was on thier Coastal part of the test I would appreciate it. If not I will continue studying as I did before. At least I can concentrate on one module instead of 6. That knocks my studying down from 80,000 questions to just around 3,000 questions. Still alot when they may be math problems.

So if anyone has taking the 500/1600t mate or 3rd mate test since Jan. it would be nice if you posted what was on the coastal exam part. Again I had:
1 current, 1tide, 3 LOP, 1 star gyro error, and 2 set& Drift that I can remember. I was just wondering what else they may throw at me.

If you are talking about the chart plot exams, theres is definitely something wrong there. I have taken that test from 100 ton master on up to unlimited master last month. Up until then, I don’t believe I ever missed a question. The one I got last month was definitely flawed. The possible answers didnt match up with some of the questions. For example, you do a running fix, establish your position precisely, and none of the answers could possibly apply to you position. Also, two that I knew 100 percent to be true, they told me were wrong. In a 10 question test, they told me I missed 4! And in reality missed 5 because I guessed at one and was right. This is just not possible but you can not protest unless you miss by one.
Went by my local sea school afterwards and they told me they were hearing the same things. Some of the tests were re-written after they scrapped the Loran questions and were seriously flawed.
I went back to the REC the following day a retook the exam (same chart, different test) and scored 100.
Beware of the chart exams. Used to think it was the easiest part of the series.

I passed the chart exam. Same here didn’t study those really. Took about 6 practice, 3 on Norfolk, 1 on Block Island and 1 on Long Island. Was the Chart Petty Officer in the navy for 12 years. I was lucky in that part. I have corrected and sailed on 70% of the charts from NIMA.

I’m talking about the other part. Think everyone calls it Terristrail but the USCG calls it costal plotting.

2x post sorry.

I can tell you what I got on my t-nav test but it probably won’t help you because you are going to get different questions on the thirds than those on the cm/ master exam

For terrestrial / coastal the test can have the following topics: ( info from notes of a marine prep school)

Time tick
Zone time of sunrise / sunset
Compass error by azimuth
Compass error by amplitude
Compass error by terrestrial range
Compass error by deviation table
Compass error / leeway
Bearing and distance off
Tide and current calculation
May also have engineering problems in the form of speed by rpm, fuel consumption
Formula type: oc. = ( od ) x (os) 2 / nc (nd) x (Ns) 2. These formulas are in any study course material for coastal worth reading.

Granted I don’t know how the near coastal differs if any to ocean in this area. If these topics are not familiar to you, then perhaps you may need to gain the services of a prep school. Generally they prep the candidate for study, and even have sample test for practice. They also keep up with the changes in USCG test. I’m not saying what school to use, that would be up to the person.

Thanks so much msccapt. The slip may have been one of my other questions and compass and leeway. Reading now how to read the current tables and heading back to retake the test. We never worried about what the book said the current was gonna be while pulling into port. We took note but always corrected for set and drift as it happened. Of course we had 6 QM and 8 OS’s taking a fix every 3 minutes and every 1 minute in Low Vis.

Thanks again. This takes a load off my mind.

I don’t know what a chart QM is, but I’d think one would know tons about charts ;).

Having 6 QM’s and 8 OS and the other 30 or so people on the bridge of a USS is one reason they have so much trouble navigating. Case in point, USS Port Royal a few years ago off Hawaii. I recall reading he Sitrep. Read more like a " sitcom". Ever possible problem that could be made was made and more than once . Just too many cooks in the kitchen. I doubt anyone on that bridge could pass the most basic of USCG test give to a junior Merchant Officer.

[QUOTE=AB Murph;75661]We never worried about what the book said the current was gonna be while pulling into port. We took note but always corrected for set and drift as it happened. Of course we had 6 QM and 8 OS’s taking a fix every 3 minutes and every 1 minute in Low Vis. [/QUOTE]

Wow! I figured tide/currents for every station along the route and graphed them, all by hand. Then we only had 3 QMs and 1 ET doing 3 min rounds. Good luck on your testing Murph…

Well, Thanks for the input xmsccaptn. I took the test Thursday and Aced it due to narrowing my study down. Here is what I had on my 2nd attempt.

1 Height of Tide to miss Object
1 Planet question for Deviation
2 sun question for Deviation, 1 observed , 1 visual
1 slip
1 leeway
2 two bearing one object
1 cpa time abeam
1 slack water time

Anyone needs any help with upcoming test and lives in the Pensacola area just shoot me a PM. I will come over and help you out. I’m not worried about losing my job.