Module 011X1

Deck safety and environmental protection.

Does anyone know whats in this module, and where I can find a study guide for it?

Im going for my 500NC Master with the MOTV limited exam.

I’d suggest getting the deck safety Murphy Book. It has all the questions up to what an unlimited master would take, but you should be able to find the limited stuff in there too.

Im studying the module now in my test prep class. It has deck gen and safety, environmental, and stability questions in it. Its a 70 question 70% pass/fail test. Its a 2nd mate - master AGT test module.

Its not fun.

Go to the NMC website and download the most recent questions for that module. It is in PDF format.

I have about 2 inches worth of lapware generated tests that I have done for that module and corrected the right answers on if nothing else I can start cramming those but im slowly catching on. Those CFRs can be tricky to navigate.

I just tried the test for this module on Lapware. Most of the questions are pretty easy, but the scope of the module is quite broad with stability, fuel conservation, ships business, marpol regs, structural, bouyage, bridge openings, and shiphandling questions among others. The topic is a mile wide but only about an inch deep. Remember that you only need to get 70%. You’ll also need a copy of Formulae for the Mariner for the fuel conservation, slip, and speed by RPM problems. There are many sources for the stability formulae. The stability is probably the most difficult part of this. You’ll have the Coast Pilot, Light List, Bowdich, CFRs and Chemical Data Guide in the exam room. It would be a good idea to see what is in them and have some idea how to look up answers. You can get quite a lot out of reading the applicable chapters in Duttons and Bowdich. As a guess there are probably about 5000 questions in the pool for this module.

I would highly recommend actually using Lapware for $100 per month. Don’t be a cheapskate and end up spending more money on books and twice as much time studying for the exam.

Yeah my instructor has lapware and thats where all of my tests are coming from. Stability is the hardest part and has always been troublesome for me, but the rest is like you said, very broad. Im trying to focus on the stuff I know and know I can look up and im going to do my best with the slip and stability problems but for right now im writing them off. I have already been looking through the pubs all week and im finding stuff faster in the CFRs but my brain is starting to burn a little.

My hawsepipe CD wassnt good for anything but the rules, so if anyone else is looking at this and trying to figure out what study guides they need I would not recommend it, go with lapware.

I was reading through the NMC’s website and it said you have up to 3 months to pass all of the tests. Was I reading that right? If I go to the exam center and pass rules and deck gen but fail 011x1 does that mean I can come back later and just retake 011x1?? It used to be you had to take and pass all tests within 2 days. I hope what I read was right.

It use to be you had to pass everything in the same sitting (three days). Now you do have 3 tries within 3 months. The fuel conservation slip etc is easy. You just have to memorize the formula. Work 50 problems and you’ll know it.

new consumption / old consumption = new speed cubed / old speed cubed

new consumption / old consumption = new speed squared x new distance / old speed squared x old distance

Speed of advance = RPM x 60 x pitch x efficiency / 6080

And so on

The stability formula are not difficult. Its just that theory is difficult to understand and you have to memorize the formulas.

No the formulas arent hard. Memorizing them is. Plus math makes my brain go to mush.


Hello, here is a tutorial document for the fuel conservation stuff. It’s a work in progress. Hope it helps!

Here’s a tutorial for the fuel conservation stuff. It’s a work in progress, hope it helps. Basic stability is also on there, here is some help for that subject

Good luck,


My hawsepipe CD wassnt good for anything but the rules.[/QUOTE]

Bayrunner, I was about to buy Hawespipe can you please elaborate on why it didn’t work for you?

I’m going through one of those overwhelmed, confused days regarding this license studying. I had no clue how to go about studying. I bought Capn Joes and was probably over-studying. I was taking every sub topic multiple times. What I mean by sub-topics is in NavGen I would take seperate tests on AIS, ECDIS, Compass Error. In Deck Gen I would take practice tests on Anchor Handling, Anchor General, Booms, Cranes, etc. After doing a few dozen more like that I would come back to retake one from a month ago and was back to scoring mid 70’s. Anyway a mate that recently got his license saw how I was studying and enlightened me as to how he and most everyone he knew studied. They use Lapware or Hawespipe and he just took actual practice tests (70 questions for Deck Gen) and kept doing a ton of them until he was scoring in the 90’s. Geez I’m glad I have a new and more efficient way to study but I semi wasted a lot of time micro studying each sub-topic.

The mate paid for Lapware then copied a bunch of tests into his PC (for study while at work on the boat). On the boat I am planning to use Hawespipe on my PC rather than a stack of printed Lapware papers, Captain Bruce’s class in two week segments in between hitches and the Lap ware at home in the home stretch. I plan to just do a ton of practice tests in the same section until I score in the 90’s then move on but go back and re-test on the past subjects.

I still don’t have my arms around which questions/formulas can be found in which reference. Will I learn that in Captain Bruce’s class. How in the heck is it possible to memorize and keep straight all the formulas? I taught myself all the Nav Problem ones But just realized there are even more formulas in Nav Gen and even Deck Gen.

Before I waste more time studying incorrectly am I finally on the right track?

The most frustrating thing is that if I had the luxury if taken 4 months off none of this would be a problem. I’d spend 6 straight weeks with Capn Bruce then self study all day and I’d be ready. But like most of you I have to do this while I work 28/14.

As everyone can tell by my post I’m having a low level study meltdown and could use some tips and/or encouragement.


Stop wasting time. Buy Lapware and do study tests. The solutions are quite good. Get a $15 TI 30x?? Calculator and learn how to use it. School cannot do the work for you. You learn 70 percent of it on your own just with practice. When you go to school focus on the complicated things that are hard to learn on your own.

The hawspipe cd would probably be fine if you were taking the 7 module tests for 500. I only had to take a 3 module test because I had MOTV. The hawspipe CD helped me with rules but the rest of the stuff on there was the regular modules. I also didnt like the flow of it, the pubs were hard to view as well. I say go with the lapware it had the specific tests for the specific modules on the tests. Hawspipe seemed more like a general view of them.

[QUOTE=“tugsailor;108459”]Stop wasting time. [/QUOTE]

Awesome idea, Thank you!