Test Module 155XX Deck Safety: Stability

Happy Labour Day,
I am getting ready to submit for my Ch.Mate Unlimited Lic. Test. I see that there is a module for Stability it is only 15 Questions. I was wondering what I could possibly expect to see on the test? Is it going to be mostly calculating stability or what? Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Use Lapware and have it generate tests for you. They are very similar to what you will see. They’re mostly from the Stability Data Reference Guide.

Yes, do this, don’t be a cheap fuck. Lapware is the way to go.

Fully agreed! Best “school” money I have ever spent.

[QUOTE=captaint76;143420]Fully agreed! Best “school” money I have ever spent.[/QUOTE]

You can do it just fine without it if you are on a budget. All the questions are out there, just work through them. You only need a 70 percent to pass.