Mate 500 ton nc

on the nc 500 t mate, for all of the stability and cargo questions requiring fromulas, are there any handbooks in the exam room with these formulas, or dose all of this need to be in my head???

if there are no manuals, does anyone have any quick and dirty memory tricks?



Here’s my formula. There’s 50 questions on the general section. You need a 70 to pass. you can get 15 wrong. There are 4 stability questions having to do with calculating the change in CG, and and meta height. Pick “C” and move on. The other 2 stability questions are concerning definition and labeling. You have to at least know those terms, or you really shouldn’t be there. I didn’t even waste my time, and energy figuring them out. In the big picture these 4 questions didn’t matter.

thanks cappy. that was where my thinking was going, i just didn’t know for sure.

what about the cargo formulas?