Another mate 500 t nc question

what about the cargo formulas on the mate 500 t nc test, are there many of these? i can underswtand having the osv questions, but all the others?

It depends what you are testing for. I think what you are referring to is the Great lakes test. For NC you don’t need that. Most of the prep software includes everything for all tests. But it is not a bad thing to know the other stuff.

i am testing for nc 500 ton mate and the lapware etc programs do include a whole host of questions on cargo formulas.

are you saying that they are not on this test?

are you sure?!

No I am not sure but there are [B]some[/B] software programs that literally include everything. I have an older one that truly has lots more than needed. I also have Hawsepipe and that is pretty good. But after a conversation today I heard about a question coming up at the REC that had previously only been Unlimited. So I am not sure of anything any more.
The cargo stuff on Lapware is all required as far as I know, though I have never used it.

I finished my testing on friday 10/ 22 and passed every thing. i had to take the nav problems twice, but made it in the end.
i was testing for three diferent licences, so it was mind numbing… but as i remember,there were no cargo questions, no stability questions. most of the test was reasonable and not beyond expeted knowlege parameters. the 500 ton nav problems had amplitude of sun on one and, an azimuth on the other, i fail one so ended up taking 2).

any how thanks to everyone for answering my questions! my licenses are all up to date, and now all i need to do is find a job!


Congratulations, Malik!

And good luck with your job search.