New 2M>>1600 Master crossover exam(s)

Its my understanding that there is now a stability exam in addition to the 70 question crossover exam for 2M to 1600 master. Has anyone taken the new exam? Thoughts? Does Lapware have these modules available for test prep?

Correct, and there’s a stability module on the full 1,600 GRT Master’s exam now as well.

I would hope that Lapware has it, look up the exam number in the exam guide and check. If all else fails, I’m sure if you prepare for the stability module for Master Unlimited you’ll be fully prepared. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same module.)

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Just curious… but what is the catalyst for these changes to the exams?

What’s wrong with just increasing the knowledge standards of limited tonnage Masters? They’re licensed to operate small ships and they should have the knowledge base to do that safely.


Correct, but I was wondering if there was an incident somewhere along the lines that happened and made them want to change it up that much for a crossover exam.

I never heard of any incident prompting the change. It was a part of the new testing standards that were published in March 2014 along with the new STCW requirements.

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Guess the folks earning their licenses since 2014 will have to take classes and get reacquainted with stability.

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I think whether you are running Limited or Unlimited as a Master or C/M you should be acquainted with ship stability. I always thought it very short sighted to not include basic stability on the 1600 Master exam(s).
My $.02 …

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The test modules are on lap ware (130&131 I believe) and you don’t need a class. Passed it a a few months ago with no class

It was there but it was only 4 or 5 questions on the deck safety exam so easy to blow off and still pass.

A little scary to think that A person could be running as Master on 1600 ton vessel and know little to nothing about STABILITY…

Let’s be real, most people study enough just to pass those exams and that’s it. 99 percent is learned OTJ. Just my 2 cents.

I agree to a certain extent. However if there is an entire test on stability , you are bound to retain some of the basics of ship stability while studying. If there are 4 questions , you will memorize the 4 answers and never learn a thing about stability.

I think this was your answer…