USCG 1600T 2/M Crossover License Exam-

Hello. Currently getting ready for the 2M - 1600T master Crossover Exam. I know that I have to take modules Q130, and Q131 (stability). I am searching for any insight possible regarding this exam, being that it is a newer format. I am using lap ware, etc, but would like to chat with someone who has actually taken it, and get their opinion on what to look specifically focus on. Thanks in advance for your constructive replies and advice.

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Has this test changed recently?

I did this about 4 years ago and went in without even studying just to get an idea of the test. There was not much information on what was on the actual test. I passed first go and believe me I am not a scholar by any means. But I know things have changed recently with testing. When I took it the test was 100 questions I believe and alot of deck general and safety questions. It was a 70 percent pass so I just cruised by any question that was taking up to much of my test time. To be honest the test was surprisingly much easier than anticipated. But again this was 4 years ago things may have changed.

Thanks for the reply. Ya, they have changed the format so there are two sections. One being stability, which only 10 questions, 70% pass.