Second Mate to 1600 to unlimited masters

I am inquiring about the 70 question exam from Second Mate unlimited to 1600 ton master. Which exam is it on the are in USCG website?


See page 15.

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Not one but two…Q130 (Nav/Deck Gen/Safety 70q) and Q131 (deck safety/stability 70q) are the modules you will have to take if you get approved to do the crossover from 2nd to1600T Master. Recently got approval for this exact thing albeit with two celestial modules thrown in since I’m increasing scope.
Hope that helps. And if you need help getting trough the application process I highly recommend Sam at Diamond Marine.

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Yes it did thanks. I am just waiting for my 2nd Mates to get approved, taking forever.

You can go from 3M Unl to 2M/1600T Master as long as you have the appropriate sea time and tonnage no need to receive the 2M beforehand.

You have to be approved for 2/M, i.e. they would have mailed it to you if you weren’t also applying for Master 1,600.

You just have to qualify for it, yes. Maybe we are saying the same thing. You can go from 3rd to 2M/Unl 1600 Master all in the same application without receiving your 2M first.
You can also do a split issuance and receive your 2M while waiting to test for your 1600 crossover. This is exactly what I did.

Good luck.

Recently approved to test for the 1600t crossover exam. If I already hold an oceans license, will celestial/terrestrial nav be included on the 70 questions multiple choice?