Finally got my letter to test for 1600nc Masters

Just got to pass

054 Rules
203 Deck safety env protection
011x1 some deck gen, nav gen, safety module…

Anyone have any info on this 011x1 they can share?

Congratulations, Are you upgrading from 500/1600 Mate to Master? I just finished the 500/1600 Masters testing on friday, I didn’t have that combined module…but I upgraded from a 200 to 500 so I took all six modules. 200 201 203 204 205 054.

I wonder if lapware has that module listed, I will take a look and see if they have it.

Just took a look at lapware, and that module is listed as…

011x1 DG & NG + DS- 2M to MA AGT - O/NC.

Deck general, Nav general and Deck safety- 2nd Mate to Master AGT Oceans/Near coastal ??

Something seems weird about that, You might double check the new “deck and engine guide” put out by the NMC a couple of months ago. It lists the Exam structure sheets w/ modules needed. I know there have been some changes in the modules, but I would make sure they gave you the right letter/modules.

Again, congratulations and good luck!

Congratulations to you man! I’ll be doing the same once I change my 200 from inland to near coastal. Best wishes going through with that.

Someone else i know, had to take the same modules in the same upgrade that im doing… Im just glad to see the Terrestrial, and stuff not on there!