1600 near coastal T-Nav

What’s up with upgrade U and captain Joes only showing piloting( distance abeam, etc.), chronometer error, and compass error questions on their test preps for 500/1600 ton mate near coastal navigation problem? I’m guessing there are other types of questions on this exam with the coast guard?

You will have those, and also azimuth and amplitude of the sun problems as time of phenomenon problems. Probably one of each.

I just passed this in July. You could get:
azimuth (any body)
amplitude (any body)
compass error / leeway
speed by rpm
course in current
electronic navigation
terrestrial observations
course by terrestrial observation
tide problem
current problem

Check the “500 Ton Upgrade” Thread. It was my experience that the Lapware practice tests lined up very closely with my actual exam. Only thing that was a little unexpected was Azimuth of a Star as opposed to Sun.

I would focus on all the different Tide/Current Problems, Amplitude Visible and Celestial, Azimuth Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars.

Lapware tests were dead on. Pay for a month of it; Take a bunch of them. Everyone says they were easy to get in touch with too if you had issues. I did not find that to be the case a few years ago, but figured it out pretty easy. I bought Capt Joes too, but honestly didn’t give them a chance.

Thanks for the input. Captain joes practice tests def didn’t include everything on that exam(at least the version I was given). Lapware was probably the closest match but I just covered all my bases and studied every possible topic including amplitudes and azimuths. It’s almost a guarantee of receiving at least one. I did. I also found that upgrade U had better explanations at times for certain problems but they are limited on their solutions.