Got a whole load of VFDs to sell


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Those VFDs will come in handy for someone that wants to drop their electric usage. You’ll find a home for them. Some savvy HVAC commercial guy should snatch them quick.


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There seems to be some posts missing.


Nice anecdote. Are you on a Norwegian designed/built boat that exceed minimum specs for US flag?

It also reminded me of being part of a team to take over a Betlehem Mat-supported rig that came from GoM back in 1980.

On a walk-around with the former Owner’s Mechanic we noticed a foundation with pipes and wires around it, but no motor or pump. We asked the Mechanic, who explained that there had been a pump there, but they newer used it, so when some other pump motor broke down they had taken the motor to fix it. Later on somebody had removed the pump as well, since there were no motor to drive it. (We found the pump in a pile of “nice to have” items in a store room)

After checking drawings and where the piping went, we found it to be the bilge pump.
“Don’t need none of that, we newer used it”.


yup, there seems to be a hidden hand at play here…maybe it’s the work of the Illuminati?




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ok here is a question…

DAUNTLESS is filled with magnetic motor starters for her pumps, fans, etc… which just happen to be about the same HP as the VFDs I have. Other than having the ability to control the speeds of these motors, what other benefit would I gain from replacing these starters with VFDs? I believe lower power consumption is one but enough to justify?


On smaller vessels, the ventilation system if you need to vary. Another would be soft start for pumps or compressors if the gen sets are loaded. VFDs can also cause radio interference.